How can I learn automation?

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Software testing is one of the essential phases in the software development cycle. The quality assurance of a system depends on automation testing to reduce test costs, thereby increasing work productivity. Sources indicate that the global automation testing market volume is projected to rise at a compound annual rate of 18 percent in the forecast period from USD 12.6 billion to 28.8 billion between 2019 and 2024.

What is Automation?

Automation is well-known, but automation is a new approach for scale in software development and computer science. Software developers have too much time a day. Development processes can take time from tedious to automated by using powerful artificial intelligence. Developers need to automate complex processes to make time available for new things while retaining existing practices. AI automation will not replace programmers, but it will significantly contribute to a programmer’s resource collection.

How to learn about automation?

Development quickly changes, so it is essential to learn continuously. Things that you cannot reach today, unlikely, can be achieved tomorrow, so be aware. You can learn automation in computer programming and software engineering through courses that offer you complete automation frameworks.

If you plan to step into the automation field, enroll in online automation courses from top schools and institutions and start learning today.

Steps to learn automation

The important steps to learn automation are listed below:

1. Plan to learn programming languages – Learning a programming language for testers becomes a valuable skill. It’s not too late to learn, but the most significant adjustment will occur when it comes to automation since manual testing did not require it previously. Indeed, learning to code is possibly one of the most complex components of test automation. However, test automation is complex without coding skills, so this is something you need to remember. It is typically recommended to start with Python since it is always easy for beginners to pick up. Countless learning resources are available. Other skills that are often preferred are XML, HTML, CSS, XPATH, and SOAP.

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2. Pick the right tools and frameworks – If you combine frameworks, open-source tools, and third-party automation tools, you can facilitate the process easier by yourself. Testing frameworks such as Nightwatch.JS, Cucumber, and Protractor, libraries such as Capybara and Watir, and continuous integration tools, including Jenkins CI and TeamCity, are available to you to learn and get the most out of automated testing.

3. Start small – The simpler it is to debug, re-use, and manage, the smaller your test case. You don’t want to be crazy with automation and write-heavy test cases, or at last, you’re going to make your life difficult. Treat them differently and marked so that they can be easily identified and reported. In this regard, you must also prioritize the tests, in general, you want to automate. Only because you have this newly-found knowledge of automated testing should you not extend it to anything. Indeed, this is nearly impossible to automate, and much is best performed manually. Upgrade exploratory testing skills when new features are introduced and conduct risk analyses that should automate the application. You would also want to list the browsers and devices needed for your specific test automation strategy.

4. Refer to basic concepts – Continue to practice, learn, and use your resources. Automated testing can seem daunting when you start, but it takes time and patience to learn the craft. Even if you are an automation engineer, there is always a lot to understand, so be aware of it even by experts. Fortunately, many services are available to you, too. There is no shortage of support anytime you have an inquiry or are just looking for guidelines between online guides, forums, conferences, meetings, community, social media, or even slack networks. The testing community offers robust, active, and offline advice and mentorship to many people.

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5. Know ATLC Methodology – ATLC means Automation Testing Life Cycle. For automation testing, the same is how we observe the life cycle of software development and testing. You have to understand and implement the ATLC methodology in every test automation project to be a good automation test engineer. One must know the following to understand and follow the ATLM:

• Decision-making ability
• Tools for test automation
• Procedure for automation testing
• Test preparation, development, and design
• Execution and administration of test scripts
• Research systems review and evaluation.

6. Build the Automation test plan – Once you have completed your test automation plan for your clients or employer with the ATLC technique and automated test software. To become a great automation test engineer, you must be the best person to start preparing the test automation plan, finalize the tools, overall cost, and ROI calculation. The development of an automation strategy is considered very important since the route to reduce manual testing time and justice on the ROI of the customers must be defined and developed.

7. Keep updated with the latest testing trends – Last but not least, the most crucial element of the industry is to keep up with the new software testing and test automation trends. The trending best practices, devices, procedures, tips, and tricks will help you and your team optimize your test automation strategies and methodology successfully. This generation moves everywhere towards automation. There has been much discussion about the test automation tools while replacing the manual testers. It would help if you worked hard with enthusiasm and commitment to become an intellectual automation testing engineer and to succeed in this industry.

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Build automation into your career development

Testing software can be a problem, but automation helps ensure the iteration of any product while doing other things. Know-how to exploit new software testing tools, constant creativity, or even the operationalization of your production will facilitate the entire process. As businesses and organizations look into a new age of machine automation, your career will gain substantial momentum. While the human element needs to be there for genuine creativity, automation will free up the time for higher-order tasks. Stop manually slowing down your pipeline and start your automation journey.

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