How Anonymous Content is Leveling the Playing Field

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The media industry has been marred with false reporting, bias, fact-checking, and other disingenuous errors. All of this has resulted in a growing disdain amongst viewers towards the big-name brands of the media industry. This has coincided with -and not by accident- the rise and prominence of alternative media platforms like anonymous content creators. Websites like TheDoe.Com have skyrocketed to popularity and prominence online as a result of mass migration from viewers of the mainstream towards alternative online media outlets.

However, the rise of popularity of anonymous content has not been solely on the errors of the mainstream. Anonymous content creators have directly contributed to the disenfranchising of the mainstream media. By constantly fact-checking and corroborating mainstream news, content, articles, and more, anonymous media has served as a verifier of sorts, the media industries masked vigilante.

That is how anonymous content creators have managed to be so successful. By using their anonymity, they are able to address any topic, go after any brand. Their loyalty is to them and their following. They are independent and need not report to anyone but themselves, and their readers. This wild card equation plays to balance the entire industry. Not only have that, the presence of anonymous content creators serves to add pressure on the mainstream media, to provide the highest quality contented to their readers. The presence of an alternative is one thing, but that alternative constantly calling you out on your faults, is something completely different.

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