Beef up your Home security in Summer Vacations

The warm temperature of summer is the signal of a lot of fun. It is the season of travel, Pool parties, backyard barbecues, and full of weakened trips to the lake and beach. But considering the fact that it is also a peak season of burglary, break-in, and accidents involving the children. Smart Families should’ve to prepare themselves to confront these problems.

Burglary is the most common crime in the U.S. It is estimated that burglary takes place every 18 seconds in the United State. Most of the cases of burglaries are occurring in the month of July and August. 66% of burglaries are the result of home intrusion.

While you’re out of the city, enjoying yourself with your families, though, your home is empty, a potential target of break-ins and robberies. No doubt, it is a frightening perspective but we all have to prepare ourselves to prevent future threats. Here, we gonna discuss some tips with you to ward off unwelcome house guests.

1. Secure the Door

34% of burglars are a stroll through the front door. Inspect all your door locks to make sure that all the door frames of your house are strong and hinges are protected. Dispatch the services of best locksmith services in Denver to maintain the security of your lock and house. They will install a deadbolt in front of your door to make it more secure. Professional Locksmith can boost your security with the video doorbell and upgrade your locks with smart locks.

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2. Don’t just lock the sliding door

Of course! Lock your sliding door, but also reinforce the base of the door with a broom or yardstick. Intruders love sliding doors so make sure you’re protected. If you want a high-security solution then install a door sensor or glass break sensor. This will scare off thieves and alert you if the door is tempered.

3. Ask a neighbor to pick up mails and packages

An overflowing mailbox or littered packages is a significant sign that no one is at home. Which can make your home a potential target of theft or burglary. Ask someone who you can trust to collect the mail and packages until you return.

4. Check door and widows

According to statistics, 23% of burglars are entering through the window. Door and windows are easy entry points so, check out the way of door and windows before you leave your house. Checking the entry point before you leave your home will give you comfort and peace of mind.

5. Secure the outside of the house

Summer is a burglary season. Burglars look for an easy way to break in your house. So, don’t make it easy for burglars to break-in your house. Protect the egress and ingress point of your house and move hidden spare key inside your home while you’re gone. Always put away stools and ladders and put your car inside the garage, leaving it out makes an easy target for thieves. Mow the lawn and trim the hedges to make it difficult for thieves to hide.

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6. Avoid Social Media

Don’t post your amazing vacation photo on social media. It’s true those you’re connected online are your friends but you never know when your information will go in the wrong hand. Your friends of friends may also see your status and your home become more vulnerable.

7. Set up a security system

Today, there’s plenty of home security systems in the market. That is available for every budget and every level of protection. Choose the system that suits your surveillance needs. If it is a daunting task for you then take the services of a certified and bonded locksmith. They will first inspect your abode and then make an optimal security plan according to your premise’s needs.

If you’ve additional tips to keep home safe in summer vacations. Please share in the comments!

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