Google Now Allows You To Password Protect Your Browsing History

Have you ever left your computer or phone open for your buddies to come up and look at your browsing history for entertainment? Google is putting an end to this by allowing users to create a password for their site and activity pages, which exposed what you had looked for. As a result, only those who know your password will be able to see your browsing history.

To use this option, go to and click the ‘Manage My Activity’ verification link, then select the ‘Require Extra Verification’ option and save and enter your password.

Google Now Allows Protect Your Browsing History 1

You can also verify your activity at the same URL given above without the verification enabled on. If verification is enabled, however, users will be required to enter a password to validate their identity before being allowed to view your history. This is extremely convenient for mobile who work on public or otherwise untrusted devices.

Google Now Allows Protect Your Browsing History 2

If you’re curious about your privacy, you must look at the types of activities Google stores and make the changes you like.

Although it appears like Google, like their competitor Apple, is becoming increasingly overly on privacy, the fact that Google keeps track of absolutely everything is fairly evident when the tech giant talks about privacy.

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