Get to Know Meena Harris’s Partner, Nikolas Ajagu, With These Fast Facts

At Wednesday’s inauguration, all eyes were on the families of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. While the vice president supported her grandchildren at the event, her sister Meena harris husband and niece Meena Harris were present with their families. When the photo was taken of the crowd, the audience could not see the girl Meena harris  (and her Dior Air Jordan 1), as she was sitting with her two children, Amara and Lila. So who is nikolas ajagu net worth? Learn more about these quick tips.

He is a Capricorn.

Nikolas was born on January 12, according to Meena’s sweet birthday tributes, though the exact year is mysterious.

He established two businesses.

Nikolas is the Global Head of Partnerships at Facebook, Inc., but before that, he founded a wine company called Barrel & Ink and a creative co-working space called Code & Canvas.

He holds a Princeton diploma.

In 2005, he graduated from Princeton University with a bachelor’s degree.

While working at Facebook, he met Meena.

The two allegedly first met in 2007 while both working at Facebook. Meena announced their engagement on Instagram in September 2016. It’s unclear if they’ve married yet.

He is not on social media.

Nikolas does not appear to have an active social media account. Having said that, Meena is very active on Instagram, where she frequently shares glimpses of their relationship and family life.

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