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Fun Things To Do Online At Home While Social Distancing

When searching for fun things to do online at home, the first thing most people think about is probably watching Netflix. The second thing is perhaps what Gordon Lightfoot refers to as “what you don’t confess” in his evergreen hit “Sundown.” Regardless, there’s plenty more one could do when at home, especially online, despite not being able to physically spend time with your friends. Social distancing has caused a haunting feeling of isolation in millions of people worldwide, and many of them have turned to online activities.

However, staying active is vital despite being locked up at home. When it comes to the most creative ways people have come up with to beat boredom and depression, a virtual happy hour was the likely go-to choice for many. If you haven’t participated in one, we suggest grabbing a glass of your favorite drink and Zooming your friends ASAP. Regardless, this is just one of several creative things you can do online when cooped up at home. Here are some ideas.

Fun Things To Do Online At Home: Quirky & Exciting Ideas

When it comes to how you can spend your time at home while social distancing, online activities are among the most popular choices. There are numerous exciting ideas that you can try, including the following:

  • Dressing up
  • Attending an online class
  • Starting a book club
  • Throwing a Netflix party (we know!)
  • Trying an online casino
  • Working out together online
  • Holding a cooking competition.
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Dressing Up

Growing up for many kids involved going to costume parties and attending themed days in school and camp. There’s something about pretending you’re someone else and expressing your creativity that way. So, when it comes to tapping into that creativity once more, the lockdown provides the perfect opportunity.

Fun things to do online at home may include setting up themed days like All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go, Quarantine Kitchen Baked Goods Photos, Wacky Hair Wednesday, Views From My Sunday Stroll Pics, Bed Sheet Met Gala, Billionaire Investor In Las Vegas, and more. Setting up themed days and dressing up during them lets you be silly, have a bit of fun, and can even create something to look forward to for the young ones.

Attending An Online Class

People with naturally high energy levels often try to keep busy and productive even during social distancing. Attending a new online class represents the perfect way to combine some downtime with picking up a new hobby.

For instance, you can find free online classes you can attend by yourself or with friends. Websites like Brit+Co are one example of where you can find such classes, especially if you manage to discover courses you’re passionate about. When looking for fun things to do online at home, restarting an old or forgotten hobby may be the perfect way to spend some free time.

Starting A Book Club

This one might seem a bit redundant, especially since more and more people read and write in some form at work every day. Regardless, don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it! When you hit your maximum Netflix capacity, you always have the option of starting a book club with friends, acquaintances, or coworkers (optional).

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The reasons to consider starting a book club as one of the many fun things to do online at home are as follows. On the one hand, this activity lets you feel like you’re being social since there’s no point in discussing a book with yourself (unless you’re reading psychology). On the other hand, you can get excited about reading a good, old-fashioned, hard-cover book and get away from your smartphone, tablet, or Kindle. If you add scheduled weekly discussions about your reading with friends (and possibly throw in some wine), you’re golden!

Throwing A Netflix Party

More and more moms (and other people adhering to social distancing guidelines) thank Netflix Party for being one of the most epic inventions since the wheel. If you also install a Google Chrome extension on your device, you’ll see a chat room added to the screen. In other words, you can yell at the characters together and have a merry family time together. As far as fun things to do online at home go, it’s tough to beat hating on your favorite antagonists as a team.

Trying An Online Casino

Online gambling is another way to spend free time in lockdown. This activity combines entertainment with the potential to earn cash for free or with minimal investments. The online casino sector is globally famous, and you can find safe and reputable online venues with a straightforward browser search.

One example is Gslot Casino, an online venue that operates internationally. Thanks to positive reviews, and exciting gaming library, and generous bonuses, this operator is worth checking out if you like to take risks. Try your luck and get a bonus as a new player at Gslot Casino to turn your social distancing time into a cost-effective vacation.

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Working Out Together Online

Social distancing threw a wrench in countless people’s IRL plans, from work to go to the gym. Luckily, working out via video with friends is one of the most fun things to do online at home. The internet makes it possible to set up workout groups with friends to keep each other motivated and stay accountable.

Simultaneously, you can do more than work out with friends you’re used to. Social media like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube let you follow and get advice from recognized industry professionals. Keeping in touch with them virtually solves the problem of never having time to meet or consult with them in person. Simultaneously, the lockdown also frees up your schedule just enough to get around to starting to work out.

Holding A Cooking Competition

Organizing a home cook-off may not be the first thing people think of, but it’s one of the most creative and practical. You likely have most of the ingredients, and you’d probably cook anyway, so why not do it over Zoom and compete with friends?

Since the video doesn’t convey smell and touch, we suggest judging each other’s meals based on creativity and presentation. Overall, finding something more creative and purposeful than cooking is a tough choice. That is, unless you’re really passionate about keeping up with the latest news on everything from gambling to the arts. Otherwise, we suggest going with video cooking for fun things to do online at home. Good luck!

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