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Everything You Need to Know When Selecting Interior Doors

If you carefully look around your home, you will surely find plenty of walls and corners decorated with art but have you thought about interior doors? Well, interior doors constitute a crucial part of closed floor layout in residential properties. They can go unnoticed at times like trim or molding, but when chosen in the right manner, they add a commendable character and uniqueness inside.

So, whether you are building a new room, remodeling, or just looking to spice things up around, you have to learn to know how to select the quality product. Style and design, is of course, already in your mind, but the soundproofing element and the durability should be ruling your decision. For making the perfect selection amongst the endless options, here are some factors to consider –

  1. Purpose of Installation

You first need to decide what your interior door is supposed to do. Are you buying it for an aesthetical reason; or to provide privacy and separate the area’s functionality?  Noise blocking can also be one of the motives for your purchase. Besides, who is going to use it also needs to be taken into account? If it is for your kids’ bedroom, it better be less noisy. If it is for someone older, double-wide doors are advisable.

  1. Feel and Style

You must select interior doors based on the personality and scalability of your room. You might be a huge fan of ornate doors but if you have a compact space, they may look a bit too overwhelming. Barn doors, pocket doors, glass framed doors, and paneled doors are wiser alternatives. Remember, the key lies in maintaining a proper flow with the connecting areas.

  1. Door Swing

There are numerous interior door styles such as sliding, bi-folding, French, and more. But, if your pick is hinged doors, its swing is what you can customize. You can choose between a left-hand or right-hand door, and the hinges and handles will be placed accordingly. You also have the option to swing in or out of the room. Be careful if you have a corridor nearby; ensure the door doesn’t open towards it.

  1. Door Framing

The way you frame your door is equally important. For an ornate style, a simple casing will be required to highlight the door. For a minimalist design, the intricate molding will be more appropriate. The baseboard thickness will also add a subtle character to your beautiful and expensive door. Therefore, when it is time for framing, let the professional do the job; it will be more accurate.

  1. Materials Used

Interior doors can be made of different materials, but the one you select has to match your home’s overall aesthetic. There is solid wood, MDF, glass doors, and hollow core doors, each constructed in a specific manner and catering to different needs. None of the options are entirely perfect, but I do like the mahogany door the most for the excellent craftsmanship it portrays.

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