Escape From Tarkov: 7 Tips On How To Survive Your First Raid

Escape from Tarkov (EFT) is a fascinating First-person shooter game that requires good aiming and observation skills. You are also required to gain good control of your movements. This can be very challenging to advanced gamers and even more challenging for new gamers.

But don’t worry since we’ll share some tips on surviving that first-ever attempt. Also, if you still encounter challenges, we recommend a visit to MandateGame to find the easiest way out.

So, keep reading.

7 Tips On How To Survive Your First Raid In EFT

1.    Offline Practice

It is difficult to succeed in your first raid, especially as a beginner. This can be frustrating and may kill your interest in continuing the game. Thankfully, Escape from Tarkov allows you to play against bots. So even if you fight and lose against these bots, you still have your main game progress intact. In addition to this, you develop skills that will be of great assistance when you finally get in the game.

2.    Use Sounds Advantageously

Like many other FPS games, Escape from Tarkov comes with a big dependence on in-game sounds. Apart from the music and gunfire noise in the background, these sounds can serve as indicators. This is possible since your footsteps and that of other players are audible.

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To get the most out of this, you should reduce your music volume so that you can hear approaching players. This is very important since you can’t easily distinguish allies from foes using footsteps.

3.    Experiment with The Scavenger Mode

The scavenger serves as a preparation ground for gamers, with nothing to lose. In this mode, players can spawn into the Tarkov and raid using randomized equipment and gear. Unfortunately, these pieces of equipment are usually of an inferior quality to the main ones used in the game.

The advantage is that you have nothing to lose even after you get killed. You also have a free opportunity to gather money that you can use to purchase items for use in your PMC mode.

4.    Stay Vigilant

Apart from paying attention to enemies, staying vigilant can help you to find some things you wouldn’t see otherwise. There are many essential items in Tarkov that you should look out for, including covers, ammo, health packs, etc.

This is a critical aspect as there are no pointers to indicate the presence or location of such items. In addition, it hastens your map-learning process and helps you to find loots easily.

5.    Always monitor your items.

During the game, you will find a menu to check what items you have left in your inventory. But you may die trying to switch screens in-game to go and check what you have left there.

So we recommend that you only do this when you are sure that you don’t have an enemy waiting for an opportunity to fry your brains. A good alternative is for players to assign useful tasks to hotkeys. This way, they don’t have to switch screens to see their inventory.

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6.    Your Equipment Choice matters

Fumbling into the battleground with the wrong set of equipment can make your raid messy. Of course, the right equipment varies with players, but some basic items you should consider packing up include guns, a vest, ammunition storage, a health pack, and a bandage to stop bleedings.

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