Eight Picnic Spots in Singapore Perfect For Family Gathering

Having all-year-round summer weather makes Singapore an incredible picnic site for every family. Head out for a picnic with your beloved ones as you soak under the sun, enjoy the lush nature, and feel the wind in the leafy parklands. Don’t forget your sumptuous goodies to munch, a smooth blanket to sit or lie on, and your favourite book or board games to read and play.

Since sheltered picnic spots in Singapore have numerous places perfect for picnics, this article will help you trim down your list into the 8 best picnic spots in this beautiful city. Feel free to visit each site as you compare the advantages of each place.

Eight Picnic Spots

1- Gardens By the Bay with the city lights and sights

The wide-open lawns in Gardens by the Bay are one of the best grounds where you can lay your picnic blanket under the shade of soaring-palm trees. Be amazed by the magnificent views of the iconic Supertrees against the Marina Bay building full of lights and enjoy taking photos of the picturesque views all around. It has amazing play areas for children, long trails if you want to stroll, and the convenience of clean toilets and shops nearby.

2- Marina Barrage kite flying adventure

Be amused by the 360-degree breathtaking view of the bay area while sitting on an expansive green lawn with the city’s glittering skyline. You can fly your own kite or shop the colourful ones at the kite shop on the grounds to enjoy the vast playground. You can also bring the kids to the water fountain to play with water as it splashes. Be early to head on to this place if you plan for a weekend picnic since people will flock on the same grounds during these days.

3- Historical and entertaining Fort Canning Park

Known to be a spot for gigs and music festivals, this leafy hilltop park is a beacon of Singapore’s history. Its sprawling lawns located in a central area are a perfect place to spread your mat and watch a widescreen movie viewing.

4- Singapore Botanic Garden’s musical rendezvous

This UNESCO Heritage site is home to plenty of ground areas to set up a picnic mat and soak up under the sun. Warm up under a shady area by the Swan Lake or relax at Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage as you listen to a free musical concert. It also offers convenience as it has plenty of nearby toilets.

5- MacRitchie’s Reservoir Park’s nature trip

Nature trippers will surely love what this park can offer. Located in central Singapore, it is a haven bordering the first reservoir of the country. The magnificent scenery matches well with the picnic tables and benches where people can stay and chit-chat. Before the sun sets, a great trail along the Treetop Walk can be refreshing and invigorating. Monkeys and monitor lizards will entertain you while on the trail.

6- Pasir Ris Park is a playground for all ages

Just a short hop from Changi airport, you will reach this park located in the eastern part of Singapore. There is a bird-watching tower where kids can enjoy gazing up in awe while munching some barbeque. It also features nature trails, mangroves, and the coastline where families have the freedom to play or older ones to relaxingly stay.

7- Jurong Lake Gardens floral and fauna

If tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, then refresh your way to this park joined by a bridge on Jurong Lake in western Singapore. It is the largest wonderland spanning 90 hectares of land making it a perfect spot to gather up your family and friends. It was purposefully landscaped and designed for families and friends to gather together to enjoy being surrounded by the flora and fauna.

8- Labrador nature reserve with its waterfront setting

Lying on Singapore’s South Coast is a tranquil and stunning panoramic view of Labrador nature reserve. It has boardwalks where one can take a walk, feel the breezy air, and meditate on life. It also has a historical touch as it has many relics dating back to World War II.

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