EHS Management System Characteristics to Search For

Environment safety and health is a system of elements that assure the protection of an organization’s assets, such as people, machines, and materials. It’s a web of interdependencies and co-dependencies that can be difficult to decipher and comprehend unless the correct procedures are in place to support the ecosystem’s key players. Uninvited expenditures in the form of fines are widely publicized. Still, the flaw that led to the emergence of such a situation is not assessed in the sense that better EHS reporting may have prevented such a situation.

End-to-end EHS management systems are assisting businesses in reversing the trend. This type of software provides a self-contained active remedy for all of the various scenarios that arise and occur in the ecosystem. Here are five EHS software aspects to look for to assist your firm in improving its safety culture.

Adding Files

It may seem to be a slight change. Still, when you consider the various types of checklists and forms used for audits, inspections, and safety observations, it becomes evident that the complexity can be overwhelming. Not only is an EHS system in place for conformity, but it also protects operational aspects. As a result, the ability to add collateral might be a boon to an otherwise time-consuming process.

Hands-On Control and a Personalized Workflow

Software like should encourage individuals to act on data by providing efficient reporting, notifications, and the ability to track tracked items. Rather than the other way around, it should be able to assimilate your business or organizational needs. This feature will encourage workers to use the system and allow the EHS team to maximize its capabilities.

Availability of Solution

It should be accessible per the needs of the domain it serves. Mobile applications would be required for field operations, and in circumstances when connectivity is a problem, an offline-capable app would be needed for EHS reporting. Aside from this list of capabilities, the people component is an essential factor in EHS software solutions. Does excellent onsite and online support back up the software? Is the solution supplier happy to accommodate and integrate with your domain and process-driven requirements? Lastly, is there any possibility of adding a newer process in the future?

Indicators of Productivity

Conformity and legislative upkeep aren’t the only goals that EHS software solutions should meet. They should further monitor critical indicators (particularly leading and lagging signals) that may be used to forecast and evaluate your organization’s safety effectiveness.

Alerts and Notifications

The work environment may necessitate immediate approvals through the chain of command. The EHS management software should support this by offering discrete and distinct kinds of alerts that, when combined, increase the likelihood of approvals being processed quickly. Custom alerts and priority-based alerts can help users prioritize tasks and assure compliance in different situations.

This article should have addressed some of your queries and given you some food for thought on EHS management and software solutions. Buying EHS software solutions, such as, does not have to be a complicated procedure.

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