Effective Care Program for Special Needs Adults

According to The American Community Survey (ACS) in 2016, at least 13% of people in the U.S. are living with disabilities. There is a lot of information and support available about taking care of young individuals with disabilities, however, once they make the transition process and become adults, things get complicated. Adults with disabilities need special support from all social groups around them so that they can be integrated effectively into life after school. Care programs for special needs adults are required to smoothly integrate them into a work organization, colleges, and other groups to pursue their dreams and goals, and have a better quality of life.

1.     Encourage independence when they’re young

Give your child the liberty to things on his own, and tell him how important it is to be independent. With an open heart, let your child handle things on his own, and be supportive if he makes mistakes. You must supervise them in all these matters, and encourage them to develop problem-solving skills so that they don’t rely on anyone. Assist them to use their personal and practical life skills, so that they develop self-efficacy.

The idea behind the program for special needs adults is to enable them to live on their own, without relying on anyone because you will not always be there for them. And when that happens, it should not upset them or frighten them, and they should not feel left alone or dejected. It’s good to be protective of your child, but that should not stop you from exploring and experimenting in life so that they are prepared to face life when you are not around. As parents cannot always maintain control over all aspects of their child’s life, they need effective care programs for special needs adults.

There are great programs such as day programs, respite, camps, etc. where a child with special needs can interact with other kids. These programs for special needs adults can help them build confidence and self-efficacy while they are young. The support staff at these facilities is highly trained to work with special needs individuals. Parents need to realize that most children with disabilities hesitate from hanging out with their parents. Therefore, they must give as much independence as possible if the children’s safety and security is ensured.

2.     Plan ahead

While designing a program for special needs adults’ adjustment in their life after school, you need to plan ahead and start acting accordingly. The reality about time is that you are going to age and your child grew up. This phase of transition can be really challenging for individuals with special needs. One thing which can alleviate stress and make the process easier is thinking ahead and proper planning. This includes acquiring a young one’s guardianship, if they require care, upon reaching the age of 18.

3.     Do your homework

As part of the program for special needs adults when they are going to start life after school, it is recommended that to have a detailed conversation with professionals, such as an occupational therapist, special education teacher, or even pediatrician. They can assist and guide you about the best place for your child after graduation because the resources and support available for adults are lesser than the facilities available for children with special needs.

If you plan to get your child into a day program, instead of just walking into any facility, you should be researching about the organizations offering such facilities, and apply at different locations in advance. Effective care program for special needs adults includes engaging in appropriate work opportunities by speaking with the school’s transition facilitator. However, you know your child the best and only you can make the best possible decision for your child. Transition facilitators can only assist and guide.

4.     Learn to transition yourself

Once the program for special needs adults works out fine, that might affect parents greatly. Parents of children with special needs must realize that their children will grow older, and they will not always remain young. While helping them adjusts to their post-school life, and enabling them to become independent, you might feel unneeded. This can be tough on parents too because the center of their routine, has adjusted in his/her life successfully and does not require them any longer.  When they get more time available because the previous engagement has become independent, it will take a bit of adjustment. So, parents can engage in activities like gardening, yoga, etc.

5.     It takes time

The transitioning program for special needs adults is complicated and tough, and that is why it requires time. Always remember that such things take time and you need to be patient. As a parent of a kid with special needs, you will hit a few hard spots, and then you will need to push to get what is needed.


For an effective care program for special needs adults, a fair amount of planning is required. You need to be vigilant about a lot of things such as scheduling meetings, documents dispatching, contract signing, doctor’s notes submission, and so on. You would also need to coordinate with your support coordinator, therapists, and the agencies you are pursuing to start. To know more about special needs adults programs, talk to our representative at Ala Costa. Our trained and professionals are working towards the same goal for your child which is to make sure that their transition is smooth, and they live a prosperous and independent life.

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