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Edibles To Serve Along with a Cake

Just because it’s a birthday, anniversary or wedding doesn’t mean you have to serve only a cake. Of course, the cake is love, but other sweet edibles are equally pleasing, and guests would like to have a taste. Moreover, having options is always great because variety is what everyone seeks and looks good on the menu. If there is something for everyone, the guest will leave the party happy and satisfied. You can serve these edibles all through the party or have a corner beside the table. Work your way out. 

1. Mini Doughnuts:

Children and adults highly relish doughnuts. This soft-fried dough of sweetness tastes great when relished alongside a cake. You can have mini doughnuts at the party. Experiment with toppings or have a corner for customised doughnut toppings. It will surely stir more sweetness in the celebrations. 

2. Mousse cups:

Melt-in-mouth mousse cups are a treat for the tastebuds. Chocolate mousse cups are quite popular. Therefore, serving mousse cups is an excellent way to leave your guests gushing about the party for a long. You can go with other flavours like strawberry and mango mousse cups if it’s summer; Nutella Ferrero Rocher mousse cups; Oreo mousse cups, etc. 

3. Belgian Waffles:

A side serving of Belgian waffles with cake will be great. Waffles are crunchy and tasty to eat. Many different types of toppings can be done on waffles–fruits, ice-cream scoops, syrups, whipped cream with sprinkles, etc. You can either serve waffles with one type of topping that is popular or have the provision to get it customised. People these days really love customisation because everyone has their taste and preferences. 

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4. Ice-Cream Cones and Cups:

Ah! If the cake is love, ice cream is romance. Whatever may be the season, ice-creams are enjoyed by all, especially the kids. Have various ice-cream flavours to devour. Serve mini ice-cream cones and cups. You can opt for waffle cones or black charcoal cones for serving ice-creams. 

5. Cake Lollipops:

Cake Lollipops are an interesting way to present cake. When you already have a cake on the menu, you can be a bit unique by serving cake lollipops. Easy and delicious to lick and eat. Cake lollipops can be availed in several flavours. Also, you can experiment with the stick of the lollipop. The glitter and shimmery sticks can be used instead of ordinary ones. 

6. Macarons:

If you do not have macrons on your cake; you can serve it as the second dessert. Have a macaron tower at the party with macarons in different colours and flavours. A nice party decor as well as a finger-licking treat for the people. 

7. Marshmallows:

Squishy marshmallows that melt like butter in the first bite is an experience everyone wishes to savour. Make them feel even more satisfying and pleasing by having a table of gourmet flavoured marshmallows. 

8. Cupcakes:

Little cups of sweet happiness–cupcakes. On the cake table, have a stand with cupcakes in either the same flavour as the cake or a different one.

9. Candies and Chocolates:

If your guest list has kids, do have a candy and chocolate station. Gummy bears, lollipops, chocolate bars, munching sticks, and so many colourful options are there to leave the kids all engaged and happy. 

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10. Assorted Dessert Display:

Have a mix of everything– cupcakes, pastries, pies, tarts, smores, and more for the sweet tooth who just wants to binge-eat everything sweet and delicious at the party and nothing else. 

Along with a cake, serve these to make it the best ever celebration your guests attended. 

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