Do You Wonder What Your Favorite Celebrities Are Worth?

Find out Eric Delius Net worth and more

A celebrity can be someone with immense wealth and public exposure. These personalities become an inspiration for fans regardless of where they belong. When you talk of a star, the person doesn’t necessarily have to be from the glamour industry only.

It can be an influential and successful politician, entrepreneur, sports sensation, novelist, or just about anybody; someone you look up to and hold in high regard for their achievements and journey. Let’s go through some of these people and their net worth to know where they stand and how.

Eric Dalius

Originally from Miami, Eric wears many hats as an entrepreneur, marketing wizard, business coach, bitcoin strategist, and philanthropist. After completing his marketing degree from Penn State, he went straight into the job market, landing excellent opportunities.

Of them, his stint at a telecom giant proved quite lucrative. He became the number one sales representative in the US. Although he courted both success and money, his entrepreneurial itch got the better of him.

Eric left his high-paying corporate job to start up, which again proved the best step for him. From real estate to consulting, he did different businesses and amassed lots of wealth.

If you search for Eric Dalius’s net worth which is more than $50 million, you will realize the scale of his growth and success. Today, he coaches companies and individuals on entrepreneurship, runs a foundation that offers educational scholarships, etc.

Barack Obama

Who doesn’t know the 44th president of America from 2009 to 2017? Barack Obama is an American politician and a civil rights attorney. He is a supporter of the Democratic Party. Previously, he served as a US senator and state senator too.

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Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Obama attended Columbia University for graduation. When he came into power, he passed many powerful bills and reforms, of which the Affordable Care Act is a landmark example.

Today, Obama is busy with speeches, writing books, running his foundation, guiding Democratic Party members, and Presidential Library. His fans and followers admire him for his thoughtfulness, conduct, kindness, and agility. His estimated net worth is $70 million.

Steve Carell

He started his Hollywood career in supporting roles. Eventually, he became a popular film and TV star. People love him for his comedy. Originally from Concord, Massachusetts, Carell went to Denison University for a degree in history.

He enjoyed playing hockey as the goalie for his school’s team. Besides, Carell took admission to Burpee’s Seedy Theatrical Company. He is also well-known for direction, production, and writing. Although his estimated net worth is $80 million, some believe it can be more, given what he earns through his paid appearances, syndication deals, etc.

When you look at these celebrities, you realize they didn’t keep themselves limited to a specific domain. Instead, they honed themselves and gained more talent along the way. It helped them grow both at personal and professional levels. If you also want to become famous like them one day, make sure you continue to improve and expand your horizons. It can open a world of opportunities for you.

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