Ditch MS Excel and Start Using Project Management Software to Track Your Teams Marketing Efforts

Microsoft Excel has been a staple template for common business operations, and it is now high time that your company ditches the traditional computer application to make way for revolutionary project management software! Project management systems are the future of business technology and will surely pave the way for better operational efficiency and productivity in your organization.

Project management software is a dynamic tool that can bring about a wheel of transformation at your workplace through better team collaboration and communication. It has the ability to handle a diverse and widespread range of business operations such as marketing, finance, resource allocation, supply chain issues, and billing. A comprehensive solution – project management software is a vast improvement over Microsoft Excel and has numerous business features that will definitely boost up overall output in the long run.

One key area where project management can help your company and enhance performance parameters is marketing – PM tools can help your project managers keep track of customer information, leads, client details, and campaign effectiveness. The constant availability of real-time data is a huge business asset and ensures that managers can take better decisions that lead to goal achievement.

In the past, Microsoft Excel has proven to be a real game-changer, and most project managers have been comfortable using spreadsheets to track project progress, activities, and deadlines. However, with the rise of stiff competition and advances in technology, project management solutions are now commonly used to augment operational efficiency and workflow management.

So, in case you are still confused about ditching MS Excel and moving on with the best project management software, think no more-it is high time to take the plunge and invest in a radical project management system. It will surely make a world of positive difference to your overall profitability and kick up work engagement. Here are some great reasons to move on to project management software:

Monitor Project Status in Real-Time

One of the best advantages of project management software is that project activity and progress can be accurately measured. The constant availability of real-time updated data ensures that project managers have complete visibility and can take preemptive action to prevent any roadblocks or delays in implementation.

Vital project data can be accessed through all team members so that urgent tasks can be prioritized and project assignments can be completed according to scheduled timelines. There is no doubt that getting a project management system is a great way for managers to keep track of their various projects and ensure timely completion for better results!

Better Communication

Microsoft Excel would rely on a single project team member to update spreadsheets, however, with project management software there is better coordination and business communication between group members. Visual dashboards make sure that each team member can view the status of project tasks, and each team member can update the information so as to keep everyone informed.

Group chats, messages, and mail facility fosters collaborative communication and keeps all members engaged in project activities. Project management software pumps up communication practices and is the best way to promote multi-channel dialogue for better teamwork.

Generate Better Reports and Analytics

State-of-the-art project management software systems have technological capabilities to produce sophisticated reports that help in better data visualization. Top-class analytics give ready and available real-time information to all team members that ultimately lead to smarter business decisions.

Modern project management solutions have dynamic 360-degree dashboards that enable better workload management, time tracking, and resource allocation in a seamless manner. So invest in the best project management system to accrue a host of benefits that will surely keep your organization aligned on the path of business prosperity.

Streamlined Security

Managing projects in a rapid and efficient manner often involve the handling of massive amounts of important client data. It is absolutely crucial to ensure the security of sensitive information and prevent any kind of leakage or data theft. Project management software is a great tool that facilitates the safety of project information through a number of stringent compliance and regulatory procedures.

There are a number of security features such as password protection, in-built firewalls, and user-access controls that make sure that data privacy is maintained with the highest security protocols. There is no need to worry about data wellbeing, as top-class project management platforms are sure to safeguard your essential data and keep it in safe hands!

Linkage Between Project Tasks

One of the most important aspects of good project management is to establish and communicate a clear linkage between sequential or interdependent tasks. This ensures adequate resource distribution, time management, and proper synchronization between project team members.

Project management tools are very effective in laying out a time-based plan so that productivity can be harnessed in the best manner. Project management systems can also set access for different roles so that only concerned personnel can view sensitive project information. So do not hold back anymore, survey the marketspace and invest in the best project management software suite for your company to witness a dramatic escalation in all key performance areas.

Microsoft Excel is now part of the past- it is definitely time to usher in historic project management software systems that are sure to propel output levels in your organization. In fact, companies all over the world have shifted loyalty to automated project management tools due to their various business advantages and user-friendly features.


Making the shift to project management may seem to be a huge leap of faith – but it will prove to be the best decision you take in the long run. Also, Nowadays you can easily find free and open source project management software easily. There is no requirement for any special technical expertise and all your team members can easily use this simple software. So go ahead and open up a world of opportunities for your organization-choose the best project management software that will lead to a massive increase of bottom-line results and keep your company ranking high on the popularity charts!

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