Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Your eCommerce Business

The world is constantly changing, especially in the last few years. Some people and countries are still hit hard by the pandemic, while others are seeing improvements and things are gradually coming back to normal. However, that normal will never be exactly the same and one of the main impacts in the industry is the growth of eCommerce businesses. In recent years, many people realized it is better or at least necessary to use online services to buy products. This resulted in a boost of eCommerce businesses and, naturally, higher competition. This is why all businesses that want to stay ahead, need to constantly work on improving their digital marketing strategy. In that respect, here are some useful suggestions to help you achieve your goal.

Use social media like a pro

Most businesses nowadays do use social media for marketing. However, not that many of them actually use them right. Simply posting images of products on your social media accounts is not nearly enough. You need to have high-quality images and all your pages need to have their own design. Each social network has its own rules and you need to adjust your content and structure accordingly. Also, you need to learn how to use each of the networks to your advantage. Facebook can be your top tool for targeting the right audience, while Instagram and Pinterest are places where most of your potential sales will come from. Pinterest is said to have the highest average order value (AOV). Moreover, all your social media accounts need to be linked. This means that once a customer sees something they like on your Instagram page, they should be only a click away from your webshop and making a purchase.

Step up your email game

Emails are still not to be forgotten. Every order confirmation, information about package tracking, as well as personalized promotions can be found in one’s inbox. Of course, there are applications that can do the same, a customer should also be able to see all this information on the website, however, experience shows that this is not as practical. People simply do not want to install unnecessary applications, they are too lazy to visit websites for tracking which is why email takes the win here. This exactly is the reason businesses should improve the content and style of these emails. Instead of generic, poorly designed emails, opt for a more modern design and work on personalizing your content. Keep track of the number of purchases made from the same account, give small loyalty rewards, discounts that are only for loyal customers, etc. Make recommendations based on previous searches and orders. This will definitely make people remember your business.

Optimize your website

One of the most important silent killers of eCommerce businesses is website responsiveness deterioration. Due to the increase of data that needs to be processed and a lack of optimization of the code running in the background of your website, users’ frustration grows to click by click since they have to wait longer for pages or images to load, they may even be displayed in much lower quality. This happens slowly and gradually and by the time someone notices, the damage is already done and more will be done before it can actually be fixed. This is why investing in responsive web design is something every serious eCommerce business needs to do. The sooner the better, so if your business hasn’t yet felt the decrease in responsiveness, hurry up and optimize. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially in the case when you know what is coming unless you take action.

Take short and concise steps

It is important to make your website as clear and simple as possible. Nothing should go without saying, there should be clear marks on where to click and which steps to follow in order to make a purchase. Keep in mind that your average user is not Joe Hacker, but someone who may have very limited knowledge of computers or the internet. Often, there is also a dosage of suspicion in senior members of the population when it comes to paying for products online. This is another reason to have all the steps clearly written on a serious note. One can easily get carried away with new designs and flashy ads or videos that are there to attract, but less is more even in the world of digital marketing. This is why overcrowding your website with content can only be counterproductive. It is much more likely to cause confusion or frustration than to attract people to dig deeper.

Add transparency

If you are worried that your views are not turning into conversions, there is something you can do to try and make that change. Adding more transparency to your business plan is always a smart move as it builds confidence. This is why you should invest in making all your product images detailed and high quality. Videos, 360-degree views, and 3D rendering are all great ways to show the product as lifelike as possible online. Also, installing a customer review section under each product shows that you have nothing to hide and people will love this. Once customers see how transparent your business is, they will instantly have more faith in it. Not only will you get those conversions, but they will be here to stay and attract more.

Last, but not least should be adding some pizazz. Every business needs a unique flavor of something to differ from all others. You need that one thing people will love about you that other businesses simply do not have. Look at some other brands and see what sets them apart from all others and then try and think of something to apply to your case. Unfortunately, it is something you have to think of on your own. However, with a bit of inspiration and creativity, this should be a very fun task. When you succeed, along with following these tips mentioned above, you will soon be on the road to having one of the top e-commerce businesses there are.

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