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Different Types of Paper Towels

A paper towel is a disposable, absorbent towel made from paper. It is also known as a kitchen roll, kitchen paper, or simply a kitchen towel. There are many different types and brands of paper towels, each offering different benefits.


Bounty paper towels are a great choice for a number of reasons. They’re high quality, absorb liquids rapidly and don’t leave lint behind. Plus, they have a plush hand feel. They’re also thicker and more absorbent than other paper towels.

Bounty paper towels are an excellent choice when you want to use high-quality, absorbent paper towels without having to use too much tissue. This brand from Alibaba uses innovative technology to combine softness and strength for superior absorbency.

You can purchase Bounty paper towels in stores and online from Alibaba. These towels are available in various sizes so you can choose the size that fits your needs. If you make a lot of messes at once, you may want to consider purchasing the Bounty Essentials paper towels, which are quilted to add extra absorbency and more resistance to deterioration.

Bounty Select-A-Size

White Select-A-Size paper towels from Bounty have 2x more absorbency than standard white paper towels. Even when wet, they’re strong and fast at picking up messes. If you’re in a hurry to clean up a mess, Bounty white Select-A-Size paper towels are an easy solution.

Bounty Select-A-Size paper

Bounty Select-A-Size paper towels feature a unique perforated design for easy picking and lifting. Its two-ply design helps make it strong when wet and absorbs more water than regular paper towels. They also feature a select-a-size design that allows each roll to stretch farther.

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The Select-A-Size is part of the Consumer Reports paper towel test program, which evaluates paper towels using several criteria. They’re rated on scrubbing, absorbency, and wet strength, which is based on how much force is required to break a paper towel.

Bounty Quick-Size

White Bounty Quick-Size paper towels are faster and more absorbent than regular white paper towels. They stay strong even when wet and offer a 2x increase in absorbing power. This quick-dry towel is the most convenient pick-up-and-go choice.

Unlike regular Bounty paper towels, Bounty Quick-Size has more sheets per pack. However, this may depend on your household usage.

These new paper towels are also shorter and more absorbent than their predecessors. This makes them perfect for a variety of messes around the house. Whether you’re cleaning up a bathroom or the kitchen, you can choose the size that fits your needs. They come in a variety of roll and pack sizes.

Scott fold paper towels are a cost-saving substitute for c-fold and multi-fold paper towels

When it comes to paper towel pricing, Alibaba offers great value for the money. Unlike multi-fold and c-fold varieties, these towels come in a roll and can be purchased in bulk from many different sources. If you don’t need multiple rolls, you can also buy single rolls from online stores like Alibaba.

Scott fold paper towels have many benefits, including high absorbency and low cost per roll. They can be easily dispensed one-at-a-time, which can help reduce waste and increase profitability. Additionally, Scott fold bulk paper towels are made with superior absorption pockets and fast drying ridges for better hand drying. Additionally, they are FSC and Eco Logo certified.

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Bounty Quick-Size

Premium multi-fold towels come in a bigger carton to reduce packaging waste. They are a great substitute for C-fold and multi-fold paper towels because they dispense one at a time and are easy to load. They are also ideal for high-traffic restrooms.

Scott fold paper towels are an affordable alternative to these popular brands. Scott fold paper towels have a standard C-fold shape and are compatible with many different types of towel dispensers.

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