Debunking 5 Myths on Male Fertility

Fertility is great but infertility is an issue that has been faced by couples around the world. While it is believed to be a female problem, male infertility is just as prevalent as female one.

Although the issue of fertility is not always from the female side, a lot of times the issues are relevant to the guy. Just like this myth, there have been many other about male fertility that has been believed by people to be true.

As far as the causes of infertility are concerned, the best andrology doctor in Pakistan says that there is no one cause that has been proven to be responsible for infertility.

But it is very important to not believe in the assumptions and to do your own research on such delicate matters. So, let’s discuss all the myths one by one.

Myth 1: A Woman’s Health is Most Important When it Comes to Having a Baby

well, this is not the case. there are a number of things that can harm the production of sperm, including drinking too much, smoking, steroid misuse, sexually transmitted diseases, heat stress from tight-fitting underwear, and coming in contact with harmful chemicals.

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Most people dont have any idea that it takes almost three months for new sperm to produce. Now, that the majority of male fertility problems are due to issues around sperm production, it is important to work on improving your health for at least three months before you start trying.

By cutting down on or reducing your exposure to the an=boe mentioned harmful factors, you can help your body to produce more healthy sperm.

Myth 2: Men can Have Healthy Children Throughout their Lives

Another common myth about men’s fertility is that age is not a factor at all. Although it is not true at all. There is obviously a certain age till a man can make healthy babies.

It is true that men in their 70s even can produce sperm, but the quality of the sperm is affected a lot by age. Even men in their 40s also find it difficult to get their partners pregnant.

The risk of miscarriage also increases with the increasing age of men. Lower volume of sperm, changes in sperm movement and the lower number of properly working sperm all become more common as you start to age.

The possibility of you raising a child with genetic disorders also increases when you try to have a baby at an elderly age.

Myth 3: Fertility or Infertility is a Woman’s Problem

It is commonly believed that infertility is a woman’s problem but this simply is not true. Men contribute to almost half of the fertility issues. For most infertile couples, the problem solely is with the male partner. And for a lesser number of couples, the problem is in both partners.

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The fertility of a man usually depends on the quality of the sperm and also the quantity. If the quality of your sperm is bad, then it is very challenging for you to get your partner pregnant.

About two-thirds of men with issues of fertility have a problem with a low number of sperm that doesn’t work as it should. In a few cases, the issue in men is related to low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and low levels of sperm.

Myth 4:  A Man’s Lifestyle Doesn’t Effect His Fertility

It is known that the partner that will be carrying the baby needs to change their lifestyle. No need to smoke, no more unhealthy eating, and of course no drinking.

But what about the person who is responsible for half of the genes of the baby?

So, it turns out that the lifestyle of the man is also very much important as it impacts the health of the semen and the sperm. Smoking is something that can impact sperm count immensely and can also increase mortality rate and morphology.

Myth 5: Having a Lower Sperm Count Means I Will Never Be Able to Get My Partner Pregnant

Getting your semen analysis is the first and foremost step towards understanding your sperm health. A semen analysis will reveal the parameters of your semen like the volume, concentration, motility, and sperm count.

While your lifestyle impacts your semen quality, fertility outcomes are dependent on the miscarriage rates, time of conception, and pregnancy rate.


Infertility or fertility of men is often not discussed much as all of the fingers are always pointed towards the women.  So, it is important to do your research and find out what is true about it and what is not. A number of misconceptions are still spread and believed by people. It is your responsibility to know what is true and what is not and believe in the truth.

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