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How To Write A Good Debate Essay Step-By-Step?

A debate essay is where two opinions are expressed over a single subject. While one side represents the pros or benefits of a topic others suggest the cons or disadvantages. Both sides are represented with logic, reasoning, and evidencePresenting a good debate completely depends on your ability to research. Moreover, your writing should convince or persuade the audience. You must add some emotions in your writing so that the reader feels influenced.

Today we are going to tell you how to write an effective essay. Our guide or tips are so easy that you won’t need essay help for it. You can simply nail it yourself.

Step By Step Guide To Write Good Debate Essay

  • You can start your debate essay with two choices i.e. either by asking a question or making a negative statement urging the readers to know your side. Both stars are great and you can choose based on your interest and topic. Remember you don’t have to search “can someone write my essay?” because a debate essay isn’t that hard to write.
  • The next step is to come up with a controversial topic. The topic should be compelling enough to pull your audience. Also, the topic should have a controversy to discuss else it won’t be a debate essay. Make sure you are interested in the subject.
  • Now that you have a topic, choose your side. Analyze, research a bit before picking aside. You should choose a side that you are confident in and not what everybody agrees on.
  • Your research should speak more than your words. You should have facts and hard evidence to support your side else the audience will see right through you. You can also make an attempt to prove your opposition statements wrong by addressing them here and there. This will make it more interesting.
  • You should know whom you are building your arguments for? Do you know your audience well enough? If not let’s tell you its important. Your arguments should have an edge for citing and research.
  • Debate essays are not opinionated thus; keep your numbers and figures ready for support. If your audience thinks that the essay is more based on your opinions than actual facts then they would question the credibility of your essay. It’s like with no reference your essay loses its complete value. Thus, go through every citation and check the resource thoroughly.
  • Lastly, you should select a topic that you have a strong connection with. If you think racism and feminism are a crisis that needs to be addressed then you should consider choosing it as a topic. If you strongly feel for a topic you should address it.
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Writing a debate essay can be really fun. Thus, follow the tips given above and nail your next debate essay.

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