Data Automation: Importance and Benefits

The tremendous data growth has made it crucial for businesses to opt data automation. According to the International Data Center (IDC), the global data will surge to 163 zettabytes by 2025, making it a challenge for businesses to manage data. Therefore, data automation has become every business’ need for collecting, cleaning, and putting it all together for data analytics and automation. This blog discusses benefits of data automation.

What is Data Automation?

Data automation is the process of handling, uploading, and processing data with the help of automated tools. With the help of tools, you don’t have to perform these functions manually. Data automation involves three steps; extraction, transformation, and load of data. The whole process of data automation can be described as:

  • Extract data from one or more sources
  • Transform the extracted data into required format of the destination system using sort, filter, etc. transformations.
  • Load into database or data warehouse

Data automation not only helps you save time and money, but also improves business efficiency. As the data is handled and managed by tools, there is lesser chance of error because the data is loaded in a defined format. Business data provides valuable insight into business performance, which helps your business to improve. Automated data analytics allow business users to focus on important tasks like data analysis and decision making, instead of engaging in doing all data related tasks manually.

Advantages of Data Automation

Data Automation offers a number of benefits for your business. It is a efficient, accurate and cost-effective solution for managing data in an organization. Business can save cost and also increase performance with the help of data automation. With the help of data automation tools, employees can focus on high-stimulating and intelligent tasks rather than doing mundane and robotic tasks. Automation tools ensure consistency, and also maintaining work quality by reducing chance of error.

Data from various sources can be consolidated at a single point with the help of data automation. The integration of data at one point benefits enterprises in following ways:

Reduces Time

Handling and processing enormous amount of data from a large number of sources is not a piece of cake. Data extracted from different hubs has different format, therefore it has to be formatted in a required form. Before forwarding it to database, the data has to be standardized and validated.

Data automation helps save a lot of time in handling tasks which otherwise require much more time and efforts. Since there is minimum manual intervention, enterprises have more reliable data, and less resource utilization.

Better Performance and Scalability

You can enhance data performance and scalability with the help of data automation. One change in data event will trigger changes at all data occurrences in enterprise system, with the help of change data capture (CDC). On the other hand you will have to change all entries of data occurrence manually for updating dat. This consumes time and also needs significant expertise to inculcate the changes successfully.

Automated data integration tools allow data loading CDC management with one simple click. It does not require any expertise or does not include any technicality.


Data automation is crucial for the sustainability of any data-driven business. Manual handling of data increases the chances of errors, consumes more time and requires more resource investment. Test data management automation enhances the quality of data by eliminating the repetitive manual tasks. With business processes streamlined, you can focus more on business growth.

GenRocket allows data automation through job scheduling. With our efficient tools, you can extract quality insights, and make better business decisions for business growth. GenRocket data automation tool allows you to create efficient data maps, and automate them on events/triggers.

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