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Make-up has become such an integral part of our daily lives. Women around the world use makeup every day! As a consequence, it is your responsibility as a supplier to facilitate the process for your clients. Our answer is custom maquillage boxes! Our custom makeup box creates a unique and efficient way to store your items with separators and compartments. In addition, they permit any personalization to create a distinctive brand-specific look. Here are many reasons why your company really profits from our custom-made boxes.

Any size and shape for your maquillages

One way to differentiate the maquillage on the market is by using various shapes and sizes. We at plus printers deliver a range of different sizes and shapes to suit your needs. Our options include size;


  • Box Cube
  • Cylinder
  • Rectangular
  • Sleeve Sleeve
  • Pyramid The
  • Pie Pie
  • Diamant

Changes in the composition of the average packaging

Another way to really stand out from the crowd is by modifying the legacy packaging structure. You may add a customized window with make-up boxes to show what’s inside the package. Or you want the box to look pricey, add gold/silver foiling on your sides. Other choices include breastfeeding, PVC, and elevated ink.

Any content for individual maquillage boxes

The material of your maquillage can really make a difference in the way your product is viewed. The customer’s tactical sensations cannot be overlooked! In addition, packaging needs to provide security for your items. Here, we offer a variety of content choices for custom makeup boxes at plus printers. They include the box sheet, cardstock, corrugated e-flute, and environmentally friendly Kraft.

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Custom layer for your make-up kit

Have you ever seen a product and thought something was missing? That the maquillage boxes were not full? It probably did not have the right coating on it; the last personalization of personalized make-up boxes. We have UV, matte, and gloss spots for your coating options, which is our most popular one.


One special way to make your customized makeup boxes stand out by adding something to it. Would you like to make it easier to transport? Put on a handle! Or just want to add the additional adorable feeling? Put a bow on it! In addition, as you see fit, you can add laces or ribbons.

Cheap and fast delivery

As a company that mainly serves other companies, we understand the value of a quick and cheap operation. As a result, our shipping costs are free everywhere in the United States and Canada. Outside regions, their custom cosmetic packaging boxes can be subject to small fees. In addition, no coloring or plate charges apply to your customizations. This means that we can make high-quality and affordable makeup boxes. Finally, our turnaround normally takes 6-8 working days. You may also position an early order with a small charge for early delivery.

Communication between consumer and company

At plus printers, we agree that our open dialogue policies are based on the values of performance. We believe in a free flow of knowledge that facilitates the transfer of ideas and experiences. This contributes to the best ideas for your maquillage wholesale inside the creative process. We have introduced a variety of measures to ensure your experience with us is excellent. A 24/7 customer support hotline is available to ensure that contact is still possible. In addition, we send a 2D and 3D mock-up of all of our personalized maquillage boxes to make sure the packaging is up to date.

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Custom makeup boxes eco friendly

We at plus printers do not agree that another should be undermined by our performance. As such, we have enabled the entire packaging of our product to be environmentally friendly. This guarantees that our goods are not harmful. As a result, all of our makeup kits are specially made;


  • Reusable Reusable
  • Recyclability
  • Biodegradability

We produce a wide range of beauty products. These custom printed boxes range from personalized lipstick boxes to individual perfume boxes and beyond. See how good we are at the rest of our packaging facilities.

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