Custom Display Boxes for Brand Promotion

Custom Display Boxes are the best way of advertising your product in the marketplace and in the retail counters of the stores. These boxes are not only used for the purpose of the advertisement but they are also used for different purposes such as gift packaging. They are custom made and have different uses. The material used in the boxes varies according to the purpose they are used for. There are different types of boxes available in the marketplace. A lot of packaging companies are there to cater to the different requirements of customers who want different kinds of boxes.


“Boxes are customized for different purposes. The different purposes are cosmetic items, electronic gadgets, food packaging, wine packaging, health and beauty products, office products, and many more. The different uses of these boxes can be customized in accordance with the customer’s needs. There are box companies that are involved in providing packaging solutions to meet all the requirements of their clients. They provide quality and unique packaging material to their customers and at the same time help in saving their valuable time. Consider a swag giveaway, a powerful tool on the market for creating a meaningful relationship for your customers.

Cardboard Counter Display Boxes

The eco-friendly cardboard counter display boxes can be used to decorate any store. It has a contemporary look and is available in different colors. The eco-friendly material from which these boxes are made is recyclable and does not harm the environment in any way. People are now making buying choices according to the environment-friendly packaging that they use.

Eco-friendly Boxes

The eco-friendly boxes are created out of recycled paperboard which can be reused many times. This saves the company lots of money and time, moreover, it can be re-used over again. These boxes are made up of recyclable paperboard and hence they do not add any additional costs to the environment. These custom boxes can be used for various purposes such as business, packaging, advertisement, exhibit, shipping, exhibition, trade show, etc.


The environmental advantages of using these types of boxes in order to exhibit and market your products are many. The custom boxes can be used for displaying different types of cosmetics, electronic goods, food items, jewelry, spa, and beauty products, health and medical products, personal care items, wines, beer, and coffee. The box’s color, shape, and size play an important role in determining the kind of product it is able to display. The materials used in manufacturing these boxes are eco-friendly and are not harmful to the ecosystem or for people.

Superior Packaging Material

The eco-friendly boxes have been specifically produced to meet the specifications of different customers. The most popular is the eco-friendly packaging material which is made up of wood pulp and cotton. It is a superior packaging material which can also be custom printed according to the requirement of the customer. These products are suitable for companies that want to promote their environmentally friendly initiatives and are not very expensive either. They are light and do not attract a lot of attention as they are not shiny and attractive like other packaging materials.

Custom Boxes

The custom boxes are available in all shapes and sizes. The most common shape used by cosmetic companies is a square-shaped box. The top packaging companies use different packaging shapes such as triangular boxes, hexagonal boxes, and oblong-shaped boxes. The square and rectangular shape are best suited for storing smaller objects whereas hexagonal and oblong shape is best suited for bigger objects. The shape of the boxes is determined according to the specification of the company. The color of the packaging is also very important and therefore many cosmetic companies choose to purchase boxes that have striking colors such as red, green, blue, yellow, and orange.

Selling Cosmetic Products

Custom boxes play an integral role in marketing and selling cosmetic products. Different brands use different types of packaging to market their products. Many online wholesale display box suppliers offer a wide variety of customized and personalized boxes at a reasonable wholesale price.

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