Common Mistakes To Avoid In Making A Resume

Applying for a job requires a resume. This is the document that you will need in order to pass the first stage. However, there are also hundreds of other people who are applying for the same company and the same position. Your goal is to showcase your skills, but everyone knows that. Since everyone knows that they have to stand out, you should keep in mind the small things that will keep you from ruining your resume.

The following are the common mistakes job applicants make that you should avoid.

Leaving off useful information

You may leave off information that you think is irrelevant or not interesting enough. It is important to assess the pieces of information first before deciding if you’re going to keep them or not. You might not include details that show you soft skills. Hard technical skills aren’t the only thing that hiring managers look for. Include information that shows your soft skills. You might be embarrassed to say state that you worked to get money for your wants. If that shows a glimpse of your personality and work ethic, include that. The hard skills aren’t the only thing that they look for.

Making it too long or too short

The hiring managers do not have time to read a long repetitive resume. Keeping it too short may not show your skills enough. Make sure that it is just right. Keep it straight to the point so that it would not be too lengthy but do not exclude pieces of information that show how competent you are. You don’t have to go into too much detail about your greatest achievements. Just don’t forget to include all the relevant ones even if it is not that impressive compared to the others.

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Highlighting roles instead of accomplishments

You need to show how good you are at your job. Simply stating your position and duties won’t do. You should add details that showcase your abilities. For example, you can state how you fixed a problem in your field and how quickly you resolved the issue.

Not being specific enough

A resume shows why you are fit for a job. You have to convince them that you are the best person for the job. Simply stating the basic and obvious won’t be enough. There should be enough details to help you impress them. For example, if you worked in an oil company as a manager, you should state what your duties are. Include the details that will give them an idea of what you were handling.

Exaggerating the reality

Showing that you are confident will help you give a good impression. Though being confident with your credentials and yourself is important, be careful not to exaggerate the truth. Adding details to your actual capabilities will put you at a disadvantage. In an attempt to look good, this might backfire when they ask you to do something that you are not good at. It is better to be real; this will show them your forte and your limitations. You do not have to perform perfectly at everything. The workplace is also a place to learn and grow.

If this is your first time making a resume, you might get overwhelmed with all the things you have to put and keep in mind. To make this easier and faster, you can look for a  resume template to help you create a great resume. Though using a template will be a big help, do not forget to personalize your resume to make it more distinctive. Do not forget to showcase your soft skills, remember, without character, skills are nothing.

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