Phone Hacks

An ultimate guide on the most exclusive features of Apple iPad 9th Gen

In the market, you have a lot of choices for buying your next tablet, but if it’s an Apple product…

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Can you Jailbreak iOS 14?

When the user has already upgraded the iPad, iPhone, or any Apple device with the latest version, then it cannot…

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Is Your Smartphone Battery Always Drained? 7 Signs It Needs Replacing

Not everything lasts forever— even your mobile phone battery. Small lithium-ion powerhouses that run your iPhone or Android phone are…

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7 Things to Look for in a Small Business Phone Systems

Are you considering buying a phone system for your small business? We think you have done a thorough search on…

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How to Unlock iPhone 6 (Ultimate Guide)

There are many network providers available in the market. Everyone has different rules regarding unlocking the iPhone. These rules are…

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Can you mend a cracked iPhone screen?

Can you fix a cracked iPhone screen? This is the question I’ve heard every other day. Because I’m a phone…

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