Can I wager my casino bonuses on table games?

Online casinos all work in various different ways, however, one of the main attractions that they all share are the bonuses, welcome packages, and rewards that are offered to both loyal customers and new ones – play today.

These casino bonuses can then be wagered in the games that they offer. Some bonuses offer players the chance to wager that deal on a specific game, like a free spin going toward a go on a slot machine. The casino bonuses that you want to be looking out for, however, are the ones that allow you to stick them down on any game that you like, including table games!

If you manage to score one of these bonuses then you could be placing a free wager down on one of the hot-shot tables. Gone are the days when you can make pennies through free bonuses on free slot games, now, you can take that free money and stick it on a casino table game to start earning some serious dough!

How can you get a casino bonus that you can wager on a table game?

While it may seem like a distant pipedream, scoring yourself a casino bonus that you can wager on a table game is surprisingly easy. We are now about to separate you, a high rolling big dog, from the small fry.

So, if you fancy a casino bonus that you can wager on a table game, there are three main ways:

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1-In-game bonuses – It is important to note that not all of these are transferable to different casino games. In-game casino bonuses are supplied when you do not quite hit the jackpot but get somewhere along the way and are usually used on the game that you won them from.

2-Loyalty rewards – Some of you big fish reading this might have claimed a few loyalty rewards in your time. These bonuses go to players who have been sticking around for a while and usually supply free cash in casino bonuses that you might be able to use on table games.

3-Welcome packages – The newbies get it all! To draw new customers to their site, online casinos offer new players casino bonuses. They come in the form of free spins, and game bonuses, but the one you want to look out for is playable cash! This is the stuff that you can place down on a casino table game!

Should you take the free casino bonuses to play on-table games?

The smart alecks reading this might have done their research about casino bonuses. If you do not know about them then you should tread carefully. Some are absolutely fine and allow you to win real cash, however, other casino bonuses can be known to trick players by:

  • Offering wager requirements
  • This means that players must pay a certain amount before that bonus becomes a real money
  • This means that when you are playing table games with your online casino bonuses, you are not owning any of the winnings!
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