Can CBD Help After an Injury?

Injuries come in all shapes and sizes. You might be recovering from a particular procedure, like a bone graft or spine surgery. Maybe you’ve fallen or gotten into an accident that’s led to broken bones, inflammation, or more general aches and pains. In some instances, you may even deal with chronic pain, with discomfort lasting long after your initial injury. In any case, it’s unsurprising that you might wonder whether CBD can help you bounce back from your injury. 

For many injuries and ailments, the answer is yes, CBD can make a difference in your recovery and help ease your symptoms. In some cases, your doctor may even recommend CBD as an alternative to conventional pain medication. However, it’s important to get your doctor’s approval before adding a CBD oil or similar natural treatment to your recovery plan and to understand just what it is you’re trying to accomplish with this addition. 

Pain Relief

Perhaps the most obvious use for CBD after an injury, pain relief can come from CBD in many different forms, each affecting your body and injury a little differently. CBD muscle rub, for instance, is much like the menthol-infused lotion you might be used to but utilizes CBD and other natural ingredients like turmeric, clove, and black pepper to provide relief. A topical cream or muscle rub can help to promote healing and relieve your pain. 

Other forms of CBD include tinctures, edibles like gummies or candy, and oil cartridges made for vaporizers. Each of these will enter the body differently, using different dosages and having an effect at different rates. If you‘re interested in trying CBD products for pain relief after an injury, ask your doctor whether it will be safe with any other treatments you’re undergoing and what form or dose might be best for you. 

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Stress Relief

Injured or not, many people turn to CBD products to relieve stress or other mental and emotional ailments. The anxiety and distress associated with an injury and recovery are no exception. In fact, the New Jersey Neck & Back Institute goes so far as to note anxiety as a critical factor in their cervical neck surgery recovery guide

Before neck surgery (or any type of surgery, really) and in its aftermath, it’s natural to feel anxious or stressed about the procedure, your recovery process, and the pain and discomfort you face along the way. CBD products are just one example of a tool you can use to help relieve that distress, but they’re some of the most impactful. Many people even turn to these natural remedies as a way to unwind, even if their overall health is fine. 

Sports Injuries

Athletes, in particular, find the benefits of cannabidiol to have a significant impact on their recovery and return to normal activities. After a sports injury, they often find that CBD oil and other such products help reduce pain and inflammation while promoting healing, relaxation, and overall recuperation. If it can help someone with such constant, intense physical activity make a full recovery, it’s unsurprising that a muscle rub or other CBD products can have an impact on an average person’s recovery after an injury or surgical procedure. 

CBD can promote pain relief and improved mental health after an injury, so much so that athletes often turn to it as a way to promote recovery and return them to optimal wellness. However, like with any remedy, it’s important to consult your doctor before implementing at-home treatment and to continue following your physician, physical therapist, or surgeon’s instructions throughout your recuperation process. Taken together, CBD products and conventional medical treatments will have you back on your feet in no time at all. 

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