Bring Popularity to Your Multi-service Business with Our GoJek Clone App

GoJek Clone App is widely known as “Uber of Indonesia”. A super app that has multiple services is one of the most prospered on-demand apps to find in the market.

No wonder, witnessing the name and fame of the GoJek App, today majority of the established businesses and startup entrepreneurs wish to build GoJek Clone App.

GoJek Clone Apps – Solving the Real Problems

The Covid19 crisis is responsible for the growth of the on-demand multi-service apps. The consumption of these apps has significantly increased during lockdowns.

The fact that people have to stay indoors has contributed to the growth of apps like GoJek. We can see that the Pandemic has forced this lifestyle which is soon to become a new normal. People love the convenience and the comfort that GoJek Clone App provides assignment help. From taxi booking to grocery deliveries to getting meals to package drop-off, to calling handyman service the GoJek Clone App can handle it all.

With more than 60+ verticals to offer, your consumers will be glued to our customized GoJek Clone App for any kinds of services they wish to book.

Gojek Clone Apps Has Become the Need of the Moment Today

Coronavirus has severe consequences across the globe. The virus has affected every life, every business and it is showing no signs to stop. Approximately 3.75 million people were infected. The number is still on the rise.

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People are finding difficulty in buying their daily essentials, medicines, groceries, and so on due to COVID19. All thanks to modern technology, GoJek Clone App is one of the finest examples offering a one-stop solution to people’s woes.

Providing Multi-Service On-demand Services with Single App

Witnessing the rising woes of the people to order their daily essentials, the idea of building the GoJek Clone App was created. Instead of having separate apps for every service not only makes it difficult to maintain but clutters your consumer’s smartphones. Therefore buying our GoJek Clone App will let you provide on-demand multi-services from a single app.

If you are a startup entrepreneur or established business owner who is looking to capitalize in this flourishing market, the time is now. Buy our on-demand multi-services GoJek Clone App and deliver the daily needs to the people’s doorstep.

What Makes Our Gojek Clone App Popular?

The on-demand market is booming. The average market value shared by the On-demand apps is reaching $57.6 billion yearly.

Valued at $10 billion as per the US market insights the demand for the GoJek Clone App is on the rise. Hence, starting a multi-service on-demand business by building GoJek Clone App can be the perfect idea to evolve into the on-demand booming economy.

The GoJek Clone App is a complete tech-suite that replicates the current feature of the GoJek. It is a 100% white-label customized app integrated with scalable technologies. Thus you can upgrade your future business without any hassles.

It is a super app with an extensive platform to hosts a wide range of multi-service on-demand services including mobility solutions, taxi booking, and ride services, and on-demand delivery services.

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The lifestyle that has been rather imposed in this pandemic is going to become the norm.  Looks like GoJek Clone App has found an amicable balance by addressing both sides.

Coming back to the questions, what makes our GoJek Clone App popular? 

Our Gojek Clone App comes integrated with novel services along with the usual services like Taxi booking – Rental, Carpooling, Shuttle service, Moto bike / All delivery – Groceries, Food, Pharmacy, Liquor, Parcel delivery, /Medicine/Liquor / On-demand Service delivery – Handyman Service, Tow truck, Sanitization services, Beautician/spa services, and more.

Our new version has:

Contactless deliveries

With COVID19 hitting, the pandemic has forced us to stay indoors to reduce virus transmission. Thus, making human contacts void.

Our GoJek Clone App has adopted contactless deliveries that help in battling virus transmission. Thus, the users can choose to get their deliveries right at their doorstep. Also, the app offers multiple payment methods so that consumers can book the delivery service with ease.

Boosting local businesses/communities

Our GoJek Clone App can provide a wonderful balance by striking a chord with the local businesses/vendors/suppliers and consumers.

Connecting with the local suppliers for delivering groceries, delivery drivers to ensure that the delivery reaches on time. Furthermore, independent service providers like beauticians, care-takers, baby-sitters, home sanitization services, and so on can earn a decent income by on-boarding GoJek Clone App.

Thus, you not only boosting your revenue by encouraging the local communities our GoJek Clone App can make a powerful impact in bringing a balance to your local economy.

Changing the hiring landscape

As you may have witnessed that the hangover of the on-demand calling for delivery service is going to continue. Thus, making it our daily routine, it will need a dedicated delivery fleet, service providers, and delivery services to fulfill the growing demands.

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Automated process               

Built on scalable technology, the app automates the entire business operations. Thus eliminating the need to hire resources. Furthermore, it cuts down the administrative costs.

The Admin can handle entire business activities on a real-time basis. From the analytics and reporting, you can make changes, remove, modify the features that you feel are beneficial for your business.

Expanded avenues for revenues

Our GoJek Clone App bridging the gap between the service provider and the users. Thus opening up new prospects for the businesses that we’re unable to reach the masses. Furthermore, it helps bring visibility to their brand.


We have witnessed that when a particular industry starts to gain popularity, becoming mainstream in the economy. It is the same thing that happened with the GoJek Clone App.  This dedicated app offers multi-services under one application for those who had to cram their smartphone with different apps.

Apps like Go-Jek set a good example for startup entrepreneurs and established ones. All you need is to get in touch with the on-demand App Development Company that has expertise in designing a scalable GoJek Clone App. The team will help customize the features, as per your requirements. GoJek Clone App is a 100% white-label product. Already tested and have undergone rigorous trials, GoJek Clone App is all set to launch in the Play Store/ App Store in as quick as 5 days.

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