Blackhat Marketing Techniques You Must Avoid in SEO

The use of such practices which are against the search engine guidelines to improve the ranking of your website is known as black hat SEO. These unethical SEO strategies don’t provide a permanent solution to the better ranking of a website. At the end of the day, due to these black hat SEO techniques, you get a penalty from the search engines. Keyword stuffing, cloaking and buying backlinks are some essential kinds of black hat SEO techniques. Some essential impacts of the black hat SEO are that it lasts direct impacts on the browsing experience of the users, you can’t get long-lasting results from the black hat SEO and Google will ban your website due to the black hat SEO techniques. Here, we will discuss the black hat marketing techniques that you should avoid in SEO.

Sharing Duplicate Content:

Google gives importance to the unique content only. If you are copying content from other websites and you are sharing it as you own, it is known as plagiarism. Google will immediately find plagiarized content on your website and it will ban your website due to the plagiarized content. As a result, Google will also de-index your website. When your website is de-indexed on Google, Google will never show it in its search results. You will see a major loss in the organic traffic of your website. Therefore, I advise you that you should not publish content on Google without checking its plagiarism. For this reason, you can use lots of free online tools. If you want to copy content from a specific website, you should provide the link of this post in your web post. Moreover, you should not copy the whole post. You can copy a specific part of the post and you can use it in your web page by providing link of this web post.

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Keyword Stuffing:

To import the right keywords on your web page is necessary for you. Its reason is that these keywords will tell the search engines about the actual content of your web page. Some people have a misconception about the use of keywords in their web posts. They think that if they use more and more keywords in their web pages, they will get a higher rank. They should come to know that if they are using keywords over and over again in their web posts, Google will consider it keyword stuffing and due to the keyword stuffing, Google will ban penalize your website. Its reason is that if you are using lots of keywords in your web post, you will not maintain the natural flow of the content. This thing comes into bad user experience and Google gives importance to those websites only which are providing better user experience to the users.


Some website owners are using cloaking techniques to deceive the users as well as search engines. For this reason, they are using two sets of information on their websites. In the first set of the information, they are playing a trick with the search engines to improve the search engine ranking of their websites. In the second kind of information, they are providing information to mislead the users. For example, if you are ranking your website for the search query ‘Pictures of endangered animals’ and when users click on this link, they are directed to the spammy movie downloading website. Search engines will never index the cloaked websites. Luckily, if your website is indexed, search engines will immediately remove your website after detecting it. As a result, all of your efforts will be useless.

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Doorway and Gateway Pages:

As told by a dissertation provide that if there are some pages in your website which are providing no or little value to the viewers but these pages are filled with CTAs, these pages are known as doorway and gateway pages. By using keyword stuffing in these pages, the owners of the website rank these pages in Google. When viewers click on these pages, they are directed towards other spam-my websites. These pages are also providing a bad user-experience to the users. Due to this bad user-experience, the users will try to report your website. When Google knows about the doorway and gateway pages on your website, it will immediately ban your website. The most important example is BMW’s website. This company was using doorway and gateway pages on its website. Google caught this website and it de-indexed all of its pages. Moreover, Google has also reduced the page and domain authority of this website to zero. If you have some doorway and gateway pages in your website, you should immediately remove these pages. Otherwise, you will have to face a penalty from Google.

Buying Links:

It is a fact that back-links are still playing an important role in increasing the ranking of a website in search engines. Some websites are using this technique in the wrong way. They try to get a higher rank in Google by buying links from different online platforms. When they try to rank their website by buying links from these online platforms, they get most of the links from the low DA and Spam websites. Due to these kinds of links, these websites get a penalty from Google, and instead of increasing the ranking of their websites, their ranking decreases. You should also avoid this kind of black hat SEO technique and try to create manual backlinks from the high DA and PA websites.

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There are also some websites that are trying to increase the ranking and traffic of their websites by using the click-baiting technique. Click bating means that they are using interesting titles and thumbnails but they don’t include information about these titles and thumbnails. When viewers click on the link of this website by seeing this interesting title and thumbnail, they will immediately leave this website. Its reason is that they will not find relevant information on this web page. As a result, the session duration of the website will decrease and bounce rate of the website will increase. Both of the things will become the decrease in the ranking of the website. Therefore, you should make sure that your title and thumbnail should be relevant to the information on the web page.

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