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The events of 2020 mean that we now have a new and potentially long-lasting way for companies to interact with their customers and employees out of necessity. The lockdown restriction meant that business organizations had to look for other safer means to hold their meetings remotely. Zoom meeting was the popular choice, but the need for more interactivity has led to the rise in VR meetings, and consequently, VR collaboration tools for productive remote meetings.

The most significant advantage of VR is its ability to make people feel physically near themselves at far distances. The rise of VR collaboration apps already has people thinking that the future is in VR remote working and VR office environments.

With VR meeting apps, users can collaborate from different remote locations in virtual reality. So users can set up a meeting in a virtual space and communicate through text and speech. With these apps, multiple users can connect simultaneously, helping remote workers work and connect better with their colleagues. Users can create virtual spaces for their specific needs with these apps. They may also be able to record and playback virtual meetings.

According to some professional essay writing services, the details already mentioned in this article are some of the features and benefits of VR collaboration tools. The other part of this article describes some of the best VR collaboration apps.


This VR meeting app is exceptional in its makeup. The first thing to note is that you can use it alone as your space for thinking and planning without other people. While it was originally built for AR headsets, it can now run on Oculus Quest. If you don’t have the hardware for AR or VR, you can still participate in meetings through the browser participation mode with either mobile or desktop.

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You can bring files into the virtual meeting with Spatial. If you’re using VR, you can use your headset to share local files, but if you’re using the browser mode, you can glimpse down on your computer or mobile phone to choose the files to share. These files could be 3D objects, PDFs, videos, and images.

Spatial has four virtual environments for virtual meetings, and the VR supports 30 participants. There is also space for an additional 20 participants through the browser mode. However, if there are over 15 VR users, the meeting space will appear crowded with different avatars and might not have a good look.

However, the user interface is very intuitive. It is a menu with icon-based commands that you can activate. Hand tracking is also possible, which means users can make gestures with their hands and shake other users virtually.

Reports from assignment help UK have started that this is a unique tool, and we can’t agree less with that.

Frame VR

This is another popular VR collaboration app that uses FRAMELABS to explore virtual reality. Frame VR takes you to a different organizational level in your team meetings to ensure productivity.

This app is built with a wide range of offerings for VR meetings. Some of these offerings include VR strategy and consulting (which allows companies to learn and understand the use of VR and its application for their business), training and education for a deep level of engagement with the app, use of custom-built 3D models for immersive content production. This uses virtual reality to create 360-degree videos.

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This app is an ideal VR meeting app with an excellent user interface, great avatars, and interactive elements to aid engagement during virtual meetings.

You can pick a pen (from behind your ear), create your writing surface, and take notes during the meeting. Then you can snap the note to a wall. One professional essay writing service about this mentions that users can easily display or import documents like spreadsheets, images, 3D objects, PDFs, and power points.

It also has several well-polished virtual meeting environments with classic office settings. This app allows a maximum meeting of participants of 8. However, it has an auditorium environment as a bonus which will enable 30 attendees and one speaker.


Glue is an impressive VR meeting platform built for business professionals that need to access team members from anywhere in the world for better collaboration. An exciting feature of this platform is the freehand 3D drawing for users to share and express their ideas with ease during meeting sessions. This is in addition to other features such as whiteboards and post-it notes. You can always go back to the virtual meeting point at any time, and you will meet your materials right there, the way you left them, for as long as you want it there. The web user interface allows you to export your files out of Glue in different formats.


These four VR meeting apps discussed in this article are the top 4 best VR collaboration tools (in no particular order). However, there are many other ones with similar features that also help you achieve your goals as well.

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