Best of NCERT Solutions: Biology for 12th

Examinations can be a crucial time for a student. They often tend to be living under the stress of learning various chapters from various subjects and may often find it hard to understand them all easily. Thus, a lot of websites which are called e – learning websites provide aid to these students. These websites provide all the solutions and papers for a student to need while preparing for NCERT exams. Biology is a subject that requires immense understanding on the structure, location and function of every specific mentioned in the syllabus. It is a subject that requires a beautiful explanation in order to retain the information. Thanks to e – learning, you can now watch over hundreds of videos on the same concept which use visuals to make you understand the concepts better. These websites also contain previous years question papers, mock tests, concept analysis and doubt clearance in order for you to do your exams exceptionally well. It is of the uttermost importance to ensure that you get the best of knowledge when you are learning a subject. With various kinds of examples and reference, sketches and illustrations, biology can be made really fun for you.

Just the use of mere mugging up the concepts was never the best way to get through the exams. With the below websites and applications, you have the ability to clarify your doubts, at the comfort and convenience at home. NCERT solutions for the students of class in biology aid students to acquire knowledge about concepts from the syllabus as a whole easily. To add onto this, the NCERT solutions class 12 is created by highly experienced members of the faculty and professionals of academics. This is why students tend to have more access to study related resources in various websites. The Benefits of NCERT solutions for class 12 is that they have extensive coverage of various fundamental concepts from the syllabus. It is a amazing resource for CBSE board exam preparation. It is also considered to be jargon – free and has an easy command over the language thus making it further easy for understanding. It also used the approaching of using new value based questions while providing answers in each chapter as well. These textbooks are also known for their simplicity and they’re nonchalant straightforward way in understanding the concepts. Some of the important topics under NCERT solutions for class 12 biology are:

  • Biotechnology
  • Microbes in human welfare
  • Reproduction in animals
  • Evolution
  • Principles of inheritance and variations
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These can provide a magnificent boost to the study plans and can allow a student to score excellently in their upcoming examinations. It aims at allowing the student to build a strong grip with the syllabus.

  1. Doubtnut: The concepts which are covered in the syllabus of class 12 tend to carry a significant weightage for the coming forth competitive exams. Doubtnut has managed to compile all these solutions in a formatted way in order to allow the students to be able to understand and recall each important chapter with ease.  The best part is that it provides video tutorials that help students to understand the different concepts in the most easiest manner.
  2. Worksheet Buddy : This website provides all subject worksheets and you can check chapter wise question papers on this website.  It provides worksheets from class 1 to 12. One can also get the ncert solutions. It follows the syllabus and the exam patterns. Whatever worksheets you wish to keep, you can download them as well.
  3. Edufever : Here, you can find worksheets for cbse class 12. You can also find solved papers, solved homework and solutions with a complete syllabus. The question papers and content explanation notes are in a pdf format which makes it easily accessible.
  4. studiestoday: This website provides students ncert solution exemplar solutions worksheets.
  5. Vedantu : this website is useful for class 9 to 12 students. It provides math formula sheets and important questions for students which is crucial to know how to answer. The question papers are provided with answers for the students.
  6. Extra marks : This is an e – learning application that promises a visible progress of an individual by providing top of the class study material. Their motive is to ensure that even the students who are back at their homes and are unable to afford high priced tuition, can gain access to such knowledge.
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