Best Data Science Certification

‘Data is the fuel of 21st century

‘Data is everywhere today

Data is the new science, Big Data holds the answer’

There are numerous such quotes on Data/ Big Data over the Internet. These quotes depict the presence and importance of data. Data serves as the key to the proper functioning of every organization in this digitally-driven economy.

Where there is Data, there is Data Science. Eventually, Data Science is also ubiquitous. There was a massive 62% increase in the number of job openings for Data Scientists in 2020 (150,000 job openings), from that in 2019, according to a report by Dataquest. 

One of the hottest professions in the IT world is Data Science. According to what IDC has predicted, worldwide spending on Data Science and cognitive computing is going to reach USD 52.2 billion by 2021. IBM predicts that there will be 2.7 million job roles for Data Scientists across the globe by 2021. 

Today, companies are looking for skilled, trained, and certified Data Scientists to get the best out of the candidates. One of the best ways to gain a competitive edge is to attain a Data Science certification because they make you attain the required skills that are difficult to find in the industry you wish to enter. 

Online Data Science Courses are an easy and quick way of getting a Data Science Certification. The course is powered by IBM, and also includes IBM hackathons and Ask Me Anything sessions. 

What is Data Science?

To cut it short, the primary goal of Data Science is to extract hidden information from data. So Data Science is a perfect blend of different algorithms, tools, and machine learning principles. It is an interdisciplinary domain utilizing these tools processes, and scientific methods to draw meaningful information from data that may be structured, unstructured, or semi-structured. Also, it involves applying the knowledge gained to the data across a wide range of applications. 

To gain a competitive edge in the field of Data Science, getting certified is a great way as they allow you to attain the required skills. There are many certifications that enable you to hone vendor-specific skills, earn experience as a fresher, or reveal your knowledge of data analytics. Let us have a look.

Data Science Certifications

  • Certified Analytics Professional

A vendor-neutral certification, Certified Analytics Professional demonstrates your ability to transform complex data into meaningful insights and actions. This is what organizations want for a Data Scientist. By earning this certification, you are able to understand the data, draw logical conclusions, and present to key stakeholders the significance of the data points. 

To earn CAP certification, you need to apply for the exam and meet the eligibility criteria. To qualify for the exam, you need a master’s degree and nearly three years of related experience in data or analytics.

  • Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Data Analyst

The Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Data Analyst certification validates your expertise as an SQL Developer to create and generate reports in Cloudera’s CDH environment by making use of tools such as Hive and Impala. These developer skills enable you to pull, model, maintain, analyze, and work with data from the beginning i.e., the source as a Data Scientist. 

This certification exam requires you to solve eight to twelve customer problems with a CDH cluster and a unique data set. You will be tested for your ability to implement a technical solution with the best degree of precision.

  •  Google Professional Data Engineer Certification

If you possess basic knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform and are capable of designing solutions using GCP, then Google Professional Data Engineer Certification is best suited for you. 

This certification exam tests your ability in designing, creating, securing, and operationalizing data processing systems and machine learning models. To apply for this exam, you require a minimum of three years of industry experience and one or more years of designing and controlling solutions using GCP.

  • Open Certified Data Scientist (Open CDS)

The Open Group Professional Certification Program for the Data Scientist Professional (Open CDS) is a certification based on experience and doesn’t include any traditional training courses or exams. Level 1 starts with a Certified Data Scientist; then you move to Level 2 to become a Master Certified Data Scientist. Then comes Level 3 which makes you a Distinguished Certified Data Scientist.

To attain the certification, you need to apply for the certification, complete the exam certification form, and then attend a broad review. 

  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate comprises nine courses that include data science, data science methodology, open-source tools, Python, Databases and SQL, data visualization,  data analysis, machine learning, and applied data science capstone. Coursera conducts this course online with a flexible schedule.

  • SAS Certified Data Scientist

This certification is the combination of two certifications offered by SAS, namely SAS Certified Big Data Professional and SAS Certified AI and Machine Learning Professional Certification. So attaining this certification involves programming skills, improving and managing data, modifying, accessing, and transforming data, and the processes involved in working with popular data visualization tools. 

You can earn this certification after earning Big Data Professional and Advanced Analytics Professional Certifications. To accomplish this task, you are required to complete 18 courses and pass five exams that come in between.

Other certifications that you can consider for entering the world of Data Science are;

  • Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP) Data Engineer
  • Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Senior Data Scientist
  • Dell EMC Data Science Track (EMCDS)
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate
  • SAS Certified Big Data Professional
  • Tensorflow Developer Certificate


As you know Data Science is regarded as the hottest job of the 21st century, and you would like to make a career in this domain. The best possible way to gain a competitive edge is to earn a certification. And to earn a certification, you can take up an online training course from an accredited institute.

Choose wisely from many courses available in the ed-tech sector, and enroll yourself in the best option available. A good course will allow you to learn at your own pace, choose from different learning modes, and train yourself according to the level of your knowledge. 

Enroll now!

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