Benefits of Instagram and YouTube for social media marketing

Instagram has more than 500 daily users and 800 active monthly users. The social media platform is becoming popular among business organizations as it differentiates between individual users and businesses. The business account section contains features that help in promoting the business. A case in point is the ability to gain access into account insights. In this way, Instagram enables users to differentiate between business and personal accounts, making business accounts more visible to prospective clients. Research indicates that customer engagement with Instagram is higher when compared o customer engagement when firms use other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Instagram enables the formation of closer relationships with customers. A case in point is where a customer has liked the firm’s posts, and the firm can subsequently tag the user or reply directly to them. The like gets saved automatically to the user’s account in the “Posts You’ve Liked” section. Therefore, a rapport is created between the user and the business, such that customers will be more responsive to the firm’s posts in the future as they are already familiar with it.

Instagram is a great marketing tool as it provides valuable information about customers. The firm can gain insight into the customers’ likes and wants. In addition, it is possible to gain insight into trends by determining the content that appeals to them based on how much the accounts have been followed. A new firm can utilize Instagram information to identify celebrities that are more popular among the target market. The number of people following the celebrity provides insight into their level of influence, and in this way, the firm can identify which celebrity to endorse its products.

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One of the most effective tools of marketing provided by Instagram s capacity to accommodate instant photos. Research shows that social media users are more drawn towards photos as opposed to written content. Also, people tend to remember what they see as opposed to what they read. As a result, Instagram is a more effective marketing tool based on its impact on customer purchase decisions. Thus, Instagram is advantageous to an organization as it enables the organization to post pictures of its products. The firm can determine product popularity based on the number of likes. The information can be used when formulating future marketing strategies as the company can identify which products to give more exposure to.

Youtube is an effective social media tool as it facilitates video uploads. Users visit YouTube when they intend on gaining information or entertainment. Statistics indicate that YouTube is the second most visited site in the world. It has more than one billion users who watch one billion hours of video per day. When the video is packaged well, it can generate a large number of views, which will translate to more exposure, and consequently, to more sales and revenue. A firm can create a variety of videos to market its products. the first option is explainer videos that explain how the product is used. Such a video would be applicable to technical products or products whose use or installation requires following a series of steps. Secondly, the firm can post webinars that demonstrate its knowledge of the topic or industry. A cosmetic company can introduce a webinar on different skin types. While it may not benefit directly from the webinar, it will gain status as a credible company, which will reinforce its position as a market leader.

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YouTube provides various advantages that are not provided by other social media platforms. First, YouTube is free, and one only needs to sign up to post content. The only marketing cost incurred is the cost of producing the video. Secondly, YouTube has built-in SEO that displays videos based on search results. For this reason, the more attractive the video is, the more the likelihood that it will be viewed many times. YouTube provides immediate and measurable results. It provides the number of views, a factor that is used in determining the video’s popularity. The firm can also use the number of views to compare its popularity with competitors’ popularity. Also, YouTube is a search engine, which provides greater visibility to a firm’s videos as they are easily visible on the web. YouTube allows users to view additional videos posted by the firm.

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