Benefits of Certification From the Microsoft AZ-304 Exam?

The ongoing digital revolution has led to an upsurge in the IT sector. With the sudden increase in the projects and demands for services, doors to new opportunities are opening every day. To make the best of those opportunities, it is necessary to equip yourself with essential certifications and skills-sets. In the following article, we will discuss the benefits of one such Microsoft certification, i.e., the Microsoft AZ-304 test, which is highly popular among cloud computing professionals nowadays for all the right reasons.

The Microsoft AZ-304 test gives your resume a value-added advantage, which places you way ahead of your peers who are currently at the same level as you. It is no hidden fact that Microsoft is still leading the software industry and is expected to maintain its lead in the upcoming decades too, and which is why certification from the industry leader will catapult your professional growth. You can vouch on your Microsoft certification test to add a star on your employment credentials for any of the opportunities.

Details Of Microsoft AZ-304 Certification Test

Truth be told, the aforementioned test is not for novices with average skills. The person willing to take the assessment must have high-level proficiency in Azure administration. Apart from it, the candidate should also have an idea about DevOps processes and Azure development. Now, you must be wondering when can you consider yourself fit for taking the test?

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While you are preparing for the test, make sure you are working on cloud computing and Microsoft Artificial Intelligence areas. Also, the areas which cover a large part of the assessment paper are designing identity and security. Other common topics are designing infrastructure, monitoring, business continuity, and storage.

Benefits Of Microsoft-approved Solutions Architects

Preparing for a Microsoft certification is no ordinary task, but it gives you an upper hand in many aspects. First and foremost, you get a much-needed validation for your skills. While skill-validation is a general-purpose for all Microsoft certification courses, you become a master of the solutions technology which can surely help you in complex projects you might handle in the future and keeps giving you unanticipated perks throughout your career as a Solutions Architect.

A Bankable Microsoft Certificate

Running after high-value certifications isn’t a new thing for techies, but a Microsoft certification on your name defines your overall understanding of the technology and gives you a professional tag. Many recruiters agree to the fact that they are generally biased towards Microsoft Certified Professionals compared to the uncertified ones.

What Do You Need To Do To Get A Microsoft Certification?

You need to appear for a combination of two exams to complete your Microsoft certification. Before appearing for the AZ-304, you need to finish the AZ-303. The latter evaluates your caliber in applying the solution in real-life apps, data platforms, cloud security solutions, and management along with the Azure infrastructure. Other variations are available to attain the certification, such as AZ-300 and AZ-301, AZ-300 and AZ-304, or AZ-301 and AZ-303.

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Increase Your Professional Demand

AZ-304 gives you professional-level expertise in the Azure Infrastructure and validates your skill-set in the relevant domains. The assessments are designed to test your versatility in the technology, and it becomes relatively easy for you to implement the same in the solutions that you will develop further. As you complete the Microsoft certification training, it becomes easier for you to get familiar with the technology.

Tether Your Growth With Microsoft

Microsoft is expected to grow at even a higher pace in the coming decades, and if you get a certification from the tech giant through Microsoft online courses while still in the nascent phase of your career, you can comfortably hope for faster growth afterward.


If you are ready to burn the midnight oil in the process of gaining a Microsoft Azure certification or any of the Microsoft certifications, it openly reveals your passion for working in the domain. 

Looking at the vastness of the Azure Solutions Architect certification, it surely means that the person who has opted for it means business and is the person who gets the job done. If you are waiting for the right time to get the Microsoft Azure certification, then stop your wait, as now is the best time to grab your chance to become an expert!

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