ASUS ROG Gladius II Review: Is This the Best Mouse Ever?

ASUS ROG Gladius II Review

The ASUS ROG Gladius II is the mouse that a gaming pro should add in their gaming desk without any second thought. This gaming mouse is a perfect addition to your gaming wardrobe if you are style conscious and an RGB enthusiast. You already know why we said that. The design layout of this mouse features RGB backlighting and embedded ‘ASUS Republic of Gamers’ RGB logo with the main cursor wheel lighted up as well.

The ROG series by ASUS remains in the prominent gaming collection, as many users are impressed with their stunning designs and functionality. The ASUS ROG Gladius mouse has been the third addition where ASUS Gladius and ASUS Gladius I launched previously are almost similar in case of the design with Gladius II. Some changes could be felt in the software and a couple of extra features as in the configuration software and customizable options.

The slim curvy design feels nicer in hand with this small gaming mouse and an under-glow beneath it makes it beautifully radiant to hold. Although, the hardware of it could be a pleasing part but some software settings might come off as irritating with its minor bugs in the middle of usage. However, you’d like the second- Resolution adjustment button on the left side in this second Gladius version.

Even though consumers have liked the feel and usage of ASUS ROG Gladius II, some of the critics still suggest ASUS bring in some innovative changes in their next version. Besides that, there are still a good number of characteristics to notice about this gaming mouse. So, let’s move ahead without any further ado!

Design & Build

The buttons designed in the ASUS ROG Radius II are a total of seven, out of which some are also adjusted on the left and right. Most of the gaming mice are loaded up with buttons, but this one comes with a decent number of buttons and still provides a flexible usage in intense gaming. You can also remove the left and right buttons on this mouse by simply using the modification switch at the bottom of the mouse. If you like frenzied clicking there are options to replace the switches as well, as ASUS provides extra switches in the box when you buy it. There are Omron switches placed as well, which are designed to give more style and taste while using this gaming mouse.

Of course, the RGB lighting could be the favourite part of many consumers here. This gaming mouse has majorly three RGB featured design inclusions with a much colourful choice. 0ne you can notice on the logo which makes it super cool, other is included in the scrolling wheel and the bottom side also has a complete amendment of RGB. The bottom lighting just gives a bouncing light effect from the surface of your desk when you move it around.

The scroll wheel on the top of the mouse contains a DPI switch for a more in-depth control regarding the sensitivity of the mouse. The DPI button on the left side of the mouse is used to swiftly change the sensitivity settings of the mouse, making it easier to aim when you are sniping.

The ROG Armoury software can be configured for the lighting effects through which you can also customize the look of the mouse. The colours that mouse splashes out of its three-stream illuminations are pleasant to feel and watch while gaming. So, many gamers can enjoy it to their fullest while some of them may wonder that some other competitive features could be added instead of this.


The performance of a gaming mouse must be efficient because in high-level games all you need is how fast and effective your gaming mouse can perform. A little bit of slowdown can drain or frustrate a gamer completely, so you need to check up on the performance level of the gaming mouse you buy. The ASUS ROG Gladius II is thankfully fast with the 12,000 DPI optical sensor along with 50g acceleration. You can expect rapidity while switching from one genre to another while intensive gaming session.

While gaming, the buttons are flexible to use and the scroll of the cursor

is also adjustable with fast click switch. Games like Battlefield, PUBG are enjoyable with the ASUS ROG Gladius II, as you will see a commendable performance. However, if you switch the mouse buttons there may be some lacks in advanced features such as swappable weights.

Moreover, if you are more into MMORG (massively multiplying role-playing games) or complex games that need more often usage of the mouse, this gaming mouse can struggle a bit. So, we cannot call it an ultimate gaming mouse, but it is surely an excellent one to rely on.


  • Comfortable usage
  • Responsive buttons
  • Quick DPI-switch button
  • Three-way RGB lighting

Not Likely

  • Expensive Price point
  • Some gaming-focused features are missed

Final Verdict

Overall, the ASUS ROG Gladius II fills the fantasy of a general gamer. In some highly intense cases, there may be a sheer disappointment, but this mouse isn’t totally a setback. The design, RGB speciality and easy usage of buttons make it a durable gaming mouse in ASUS ROG series range. You can also check out the latest gaming mice deals on ASUS for a vast selection between gaming mice. ASUS UK store has some worth grabbing offers lately that you should not miss!


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