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You must have come across different animations across various platforms, haven’t you? Well, animations are a prominent part of the entertainment and media industry and are great to grab the audience’s attention and keep them hooked up with the subject. However, animations today are used over a vast variety of fields. This read will tell you about all those fields where animations find their applications. Before we look into the fields where animation is used, first understand what actually animation is.

What is Animation?

The animation basically is a mock of real-life motion that uses moving pictures for its execution. When static pictures are made to move on a number of frames per second throws an illusion of continuous movement. As digital technology is taking over, animations too are evolving digitally where we could see a variety of 2D and 3D animations. Roll down to have an insight into the applications of animations.

Captivating Advertisements

The benefits of using animations in an advertisement are amazing. As advertisements are all about creating visuals, it has a significant role in making commercials more captivating. Animations are great to capture the audience’s imagination and mold them to buy to make a purchase of the product being advertised.

Apart from its application on TV ads, animations are in demand on the internet for search and display advertisements. Any ad without animation in it is considered boring and uninspiring. This is the reason why marketers are shifting more towards animated videos in an ad where people could be engaged within the funniest and entertaining way.

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Better Entertainment Source

Animations have a significant role in multimedia and entertainment and are extensively used in computer graphics. Many users even go with the best animation maker online to have their animation created. Animated movies for children especially are the best example of it where these animations perfectly provide an entertaining time and are best time passers.

Even adults enjoy animated movies the same way they enjoy any other live-action movie. Take the example of cartoons; Tom and Jerry is the evergreen animated show that is loved by not only children but adults as well.

Effective Learning in Education

Visuals are better understood and stay in the mind of people. The same goes for children, where they could learn better through a video. The animated videos help students learn effectively while increasing the quality of learning. Moreover, it is capable of bringing exceptional changes in the way a student learns.

Many students make use of the graphics and various animated videos in their educational institutes or different educational platforms through which the complex topics are made easy helping students to clear their concepts and learn in a most productive way.

Increased Conversion in Marketing

Marketing campaigns enjoy a creative turn when an animated video is included in it. Animated video in your marketing strategy helps to reach more demographics and is great to reveal your product or services. Using animated videos, marketers convey their brand story in a most effective way keeping the consumers hooked with your video. This molds them to know more about your brand and ultimately results in increasing conversions and generating leads.

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Proficiency in Creative Arts

Motion graphics is substantially used in arts to pull off a creative proficiency while demonstrating the skills. Many IT courses offer animations in their education across different classes where students give presentations and create diagrams using animations.

Better Gaming Experience

Animations haven’t found its applications more than the gaming field where it is extensively used. Gaming is an area where almost everything is about animations. The 2D characters of different games are created via animation. In fact, the animation is the basic element for the creation of games.

Benefits in Retail

The retail industry is enjoying the lucrative benefits of animated videos. Animations there are used to showcase their product features. Using 3D modeling the product attributes and functions are conveyed in a thought-through manner. As the viewer gets clear information of the product they are more likely to make a purchase.


These were a few of the fields where you could see the applications of video animation. There is no doubt that animation is a handy way to let people understand complex things easily and grab their attention keeping them hooked to your subject.

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