Android Spy App for Employee Surveillance: Your Legal Buddy

We, humans, are always in search of the finest and best. It does not matter whether we deserve it or not but the hunger for the best never ends. It is the basic nature of humans. This greedy nature plays important role in our daily life chores. If an employer pays you for work then it is his right to ask about the progress or monitor your productivity through any means. In short use of monitoring software or commonly known as the spy app is getting common and common these days. Especially since the pandemic and work from home, employers are in search of new and efficient ways to keep the employees engaged and productive. The use of the spy app is one simple way. 

Among many monitoring apps available in the market, the best android spy app for employee surveillance is the OgyMogy. You can do your own research to find out about versatile kind of spy app available, and their respective pros and cons. Want to save time ?. Then try OgyMogy and am sure you will not regret it. The OgyMogy employee monitoring products can be your legal buddy and secret business partner in keeping an eye on your employees. Check out the different features offered by OgyMogy and enjoy digital monitoring.

Check Call Record:

Keep an eye on the call record of the employees with the call recording feature of the OgyMogy.It reports all the incoming and outgoing call details of the target. The user will be informed about any new entry or deletion from the target phone as well. This feature is useful for tracking those employees who waste time on useless calls during office hours.  Moreover, in case of any suspected employee check the call record to know about any flagged number.

Have Acces To Calendar Updates:

The best thing about monitoring employees through the smartphone is that it provides remote access to the built-in calendar of target employees. Any update, plan, or schedule whether it’s official or unofficial will be known to the user through OgyMogy help. This feature can be helpful to maintain the work timeline of employees and managing the leave and vacation record.

Text Monitoring for Text Loving Generation:

This generation prefers text message over call so keep an eye on the text record of the employees with the text tracking feature of the OgyMogy. You want to know about the official inside matter, just remotely check the text conversation between the respective parties and you will know the details.

Whereabouts and Movement Alerts:

Sick of irresponsible delivery boys or drivers? Want to teach them a lesson? Don’t worry now you can catch them red-handed by knowing their pinpoint location in real-time. OgyMogy lets the user know about the whereabouts history and exact location of the employee at any given time. This is a useful feature to track the record of all the delivery guys, drivers, and other employees who are responsible for outdoor duties and chores.

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Assure Official Gadget Are For Office Work Only :

Official android devices are given to the employee for work purposes only. No employee should be allowed to use the official gadget as a personal device. OgyMogy can help you with this matter. If any employee will take a selfie or use the tool for a purpose other than work then it will be reported to you right away. OgyMogy allows the user to have access to the photo folder of the target person. Thus check the gallery and know about any file that is not work-related.

Eyes On the Screen:

With OgyMogy watch the employee screen with all the details by using the screen recording feature of the OgyMogy.You can monitor the individual work performance, time spent on the assigned project, and overall productivity rate of the employees. All the activity reports are saved with full-time stamp information for the user.

Along with the OgyMogy android spy app for the employee, explore the other options as well like, Mac and Windows spy app version offered by the OgyMogy spy app. The features are offered in package form. Just select the desired package and install the OgyMogy spy app in the employee’s gadgets. That could be a laptop, tablet, computer systems, and last but not least smartphone.

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