Alchemy Has Raised $80 Million From Investors, Giving The Startup a $500 Million Valuation

On Monday 28th April 2020, alchemy announced that it has elevated $80 million from investors led by Addition LP and Coatue management, providing the startup a valuation of $500 million. 

Co-founder Joe Lau said in an interview that, 

“Fresh capitals will assist Alchemy in the expansion of developer tools it provides to blockchain rather than just ethereum, enhancing its presence in Southern California as well as New York, permitting it to set up its offices in Europe along with Asia. Other investors which are included in series B are DFJ Venture capital,  The glazy family, which owns Manchester United soccer club, and rockband the Chainsmokers.“ 

70% of the best applications on Ethereum are powered by Alchemy, which has made all its services available to any developer or organization 8 months ago. Only select customers were accepted before that. 

Investors have been spending hefty amounts on cryptocurrency projects, such as chain analysis and Digital Asset Holdings, with the evolution in ethereum and bitcoin prices in recent months. According to CB insights, almost 156 startups currently focusing on technological advancements and innovations have elevated up to $3.1 billion compared to 314 deals that drew $.3 billion in funding for the complete year 2020. 

The co-founder, as well as chief executive officer of Alchemy, Nikil Viswanathan claimed in an interview that, 

“This highlights the power of blockchain and how it is playing an impulsive role in the whole industry. Immense blockchain acquisition has brought it from hype to mainstream. Alchemy has prominently depicted that we offer the same acceleration service for blockchain as Amazon Web Services (AWS) did for their cyberspace.”

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Alchemy is providing great assistance in the development of a business model which is known as decentralized finance, abbreviated as Defi, as opposed to having a centralized entity that supervises certain operations. Thanks to the ethereum blockchain that makes it possible by permitting computer programs as smart contracts to work within the distributed network.  

Viswanathan has affirmed that  Alchemy is currently planning its tool expansion Flow. Flow is yet another blockchain that powers the Top Shot non-fungible tokens of the national basketball association that is attaining traction. 

Joe Lau have affirmed that, 

“Alchemy has called itself blockchain agnostic and wants to assist a wide range of distributed computer networks. All in all, investors consider us as the bet on blockchain technology.”

Lead independent director at Morgan Stanley, Tom Glocer affirmed that he is a part investor at Alchemy because he observed Nikil Viswanathan and Joe Lau approaching blockchain 3 years ago. Glocer claimed that, 

“I cannot tell you at all if bitcoin prices are going up or down or if I should buy ether. I want to invest more and more for the enhancement of the crypto ecosystem function.”

Alchemy claimed in august 2020 that it has been dealing with 4 billion users across the globe and that about $7.8 billion a year moved through applications that have utilized its services. It has up to 10 million customers at the present age along with $30 billion of the annual transaction. 

NFT platforms also utilize their services, for example, Nifty Gateway, OpenSea, MarketPlace, SuperRare which is utilized by Christie for the record-breaking $69 million NFT auction of digital artists Beeple. 

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Glocer said that,

“With 20 employees, the challenges faced by Alchemy will result in business progressions to match the demands of a rapidly evolving crypto-ecosystem. it’s high time for a company to level up for handling the level of incoming.”

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