A Win-win Deal: A Long-term Madden Esports Collaboration with EA NFL Continues

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The Madden NFL Championship Series, an Esports league created by EA and the NFL, will continue to run the business as a result of the two parties’ multiyear relationship extension announcement (MCS).

The firms did not specify the length of the renewal of the agreement, but they did note that the MCS season of the previous year had been quite successful, with a four-fold growth in average minute audience year over year. So it shows how prevailing the game is and why they can be at a win-win place.

As a result of the ongoing cooperation” Brent, the MCS will coincide with the actual NFL season, which means the Esports championship, the Ultimate Madden NFL 23 Bowl, will occur during the week of Super Bowl LVII. A $1 million prize fund is available for the finals in addition to the $700,000 offered throughout the season, which attracts many a player.

“The popularity of Madden NFL among players, spectators, and fans is growing. While strengthening interaction with Madden’s most devoted following, it is instructing viewers on how to get better at the game ” Brent Koning, vice president of EA Esports. Since the MCS began five years ago, it has aided in showcasing the game by elevating the best players in the globe and providing every Madden NFL player with the opportunity to go from couch to champion.

“Extending our agreement with EA is another route for the league to increase fans off the field and strengthen the EA Sports Madden NFL Championship Series by linking Madden competitive gaming with NFL events,” noted by Ed Kiang, the NFL’s vice president of video games. 

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And on the other hand, MUT 23 coins will keep the vita place as the two will continue their collaboration, you can visit Buymmog to get coins when game is released and enjoy yourselves in building an unstoppable team.

The release of Madden NFL 23 on August 19 is just one week away, and EA has promised significant improvements and that the game will actually work.

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