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Creating custom cardboard packaging for any items must not be scary. It is much easier to create custom cases that look fantastic and would not ask your arm. But as the maker, you must know there is much more work that occurs in the methods. So here is the point:

  • The right packing does not mean adding brand colors and logo. The cases tell the story of the brands and make the firm overall image.

As the maker, you can show the message of the brand via your designs. So make the boxes that are unique and effective.

What to Look For when Making the Custom Cardboard Boxes?

So you like to do your packing? Once you have made your mind, there are many choices and various things you need to decide about the items’ packing? It may appear strange, but the first step is,” what kind of issues you want?” Here are some points that you must keep in mind when picking the packing:

  • Size of the items
  • Value 
  • Function
  • Cost

Learn one thing if the choice is reasonable, it does not mean it will offer the items with a top-class display. Keeping the balance between showcase and cost-effectiveness is the best choice.

Where to Start

It all starts with picking the right cardboard packaging for your items—they need each thing various from others. So when you talk about the custom cases or box pattern, there come the following points to look for.

Type of Custom cardboard boxes 

The first thing in the making guide of cardboard cases is to learn about the type of package.

If you talk about the boxes, it covers both:

  • Mailer Cases 
  • Shipping Cases
  • Folding cartons

Mailer cases: It is one of the best choices for subscription cartons. These are best for 

  • hire kits
  • mailing to influencers
  • gift boxes
  • retail packing
  • these cases consist of corrugated paperboard in B or E riffles layer to support them to survive shipping. 

Shipping Boxes:

  • It is one of the most famous cases. This carton consists of C or B flute cardboard.
  • It is best for heavy or large things like electronics, books, and food.
  • It reduces waste and affordable choice.

Folding Cartons:

  • It is one of the famous box types, folding box line various retail shelves. It consists of paperboard, folding box is slightly expensive to make but simple to assemble.

 Its thickness ranges from 16 to 24 pt, and 18pt is the common one. It is the best choice for luxurious packaging things, beauty items, candies, and teas.

Rigid Boxes:

  • It is highly costly
  • Brands prefer it for luxurious packaging items like high-end watches, alcohol, perfumes, and others.
  • It consists of a chipboard, and it is much sturdier than the regular paperboard. 
  • It is the most robust case
  • It is famous cases and best for high-end things like iPhones.

Get the Best Designs 

Once you have picked which kind of cases you need for which items there come, then move to the next point to design the cases. Successful packaging begins with a clear pattern. Your brand already owns a logo or specific color linked to it. So now it’s time to add these factors into the custom cases or other packing. It will boost the brand images and help buyers to spot you.

But here is one factor that you must look at, that is cost. The price of all types of things can boost the rates of the packing. When looking for the printing choices, never forget to study things like:

  • die-lines
  • flute size
  • printing plates
  • cutting dies
  • minimum orders

Point to Ponder: Cost of large printing order are less as compare to small orders. If you are ordering the case for your business, it is best t get them in bulk. Choose the right print and design for the boxes, then calculate the cost of the entire project. Always ask for the sample first before finalizing the deal. The packing gives you a piece of the design you are looking for before starting the work.

Are You on the Tight Budget?

You can get the fantastic and wow pattern, but the cost plays a vital role. Not each business affords to go for the digital printing and logo printing on each side of their cases. But it does not mean they do not do branding for their business. The small things inside the cases are the worthy part of adding that custom touch.

Are you looking for some ideas? It is simple to find. Fid it on Pinterest and use them in your items packing.

Here some top ideas to make your cardboard packing more engaging and charming.

Logo Stickers:

So if you are tight on the budget, get the right type of cardboard cases and stickers. Logo sticker is one of the best means to boost your business. You can stick one on the top flap of the carton if printing is too costly, and you must be wondering about the stickers’ price.

  • It depends on the colors, shape, and size 
  • It is costly than digital printing
  • You can use them on various type of package

Learn from the following examples:

Dollar Shave Club:

You must have learned about the Dollar Shave Club Bowl commercial. This firm has one of the potent brandings. They have kept their box simple but holds irreverent humor. The outer case is a simple brown carton with its logo. Inside there is a brown paper, its packing mesh-covered their good in the boxes. Its inside part has a quote that shows the tone of the item. The box is simple and best.


It is the wine subscription that knows that the top-end display is the best. The case consists of simple cardboard packaging with Vinebox written on each side, but its inside packing is charming. The matte black cases consist of wine samples and look beautiful

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