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A Step-by-Step Guide To Buying Cooler Box

Summer is the time when everyone loves to go out camping or picnicking with friends or family. Whether you are on a campsite or just hanging out with friends in the sun, chilled drinks with snacks are all that you need to refresh yourself.

But, having the food cooked and carrying it to the picnic spot or campsite in the scorching heat will spoil it. Right? Well, a cooler box or a camping fridge comes to your rescue there!

You don’t have to gulp lukewarm drinks or starve yourself because your favorite home-cooked food turned bad. Buy a cooler box, place your lunch, snacks, and drinks in it, and carry it along with you wherever you want.

However, with a variety of cooler boxes out there, choosing the right one isn’t an easy task. Therefore, we have come up with our guide to help you buy a cool box that fits your needs.

Consider The Cooler Box Size

While the size of a cooler box seems to a simple thing to consider, it includes several other considerations. First, the size of the cooler box based on its storage capacity, and second, the dimensions of the cooler box.

The storage capacity of the cooler box is the volume of the items that can be stored in the box. But, be mindful that the volume of the box includes both insulated and non-insulated storage space.

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Generally, small cooler boxes have separate spaces for storing chilled and non-chilled items. If you are looking for a complete cooler box, avoid this type.

Shape Of The Cooler Box

Suppose you want to carry long hamburgers or long sandwiches. If the cooler box is small in shape, it is of no use to you. Thus, storage capacity also depends on the shape of the box. Also, make sure to measure the space ice packs will consume.

The Material And Size Of The Cooler Box

You will find four types of coolers on the market, i.e., fabric, metal, plastic, and Styrofoam. Fabric coolers are made from synthetic material and are insulated with synthetic material. They are ideal for carrying few items.

Plastic cooler boxes are the most popular choice today and are the most durable. Furthermore, metal coolers are well-insulated but heavy and expensive. While the type of cooler box you choose depends on your needs, it is recommended to go with a plastic cooler box, like ORCA coolers.

Think About The Construction Of The Cool Box

No matter what the size of the cooler box you want, look for the one that is well-constructed. If you are buying a cool box from a physical store, check its exterior. In case the cooler seems hollow, or it isn’t well-insulated, avoid buying it. Also, check the box’s lid by opening and closing it several times. A cooler box lid with metal hinges is the sign of solid construction of the box.

Keep In Mind The Ease Of Carrying The Cooler Box

The next thing to consider while buying a cooler box is portability. A cooler box with a shoulder strap allows you to carry the box on your shoulder. A hard-sided cooler box with wheels provides you with an effortless way to move the box.

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A box with side handles is another frequently used box that has two handles on each side. Besides, you can buy a cooler box with a lid handle. It looks like a briefcase and is a great option for those who want to carry the cooler with hand.

In addition to these things, make sure that you buy the cooler box from a trusted manufacturer. Check the warranty at the time of purchase, and don’t forget to read the return policy, terms and conditions of the warranty.

Hopefully, this guide will help you buy the right cooler box for you!

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