A Practical Guide to Academic Writing for International Students

A useful and practical guide for all international students to help you write great and well-thought-out academic papers that can simply help you attain better grades. 

Completing academic papers, especially writing dissertations and essays, can be challenging for most international students. Sometimes, international students have difficulty communicating their thoughts because they have English as their second language. However, researchers believe individuals can improve their writing skills if they are determined. As an international student, you will need to work on your essay writing skills if you want to score your desired grades. In other cases, you might be required to use your writing expertise, especially if you are looking for a new college. 

Students are usually subjected to too much pressure in college, especially on managing time effectively and prioritizing essential activities. If a person has difficulty dealing with a lot of pressure, they might start suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress. Some students might also opt to drop out of school. Peachy Essay is a custom writing company that offers students all forms of educational assistance. As an international student, you should not suffer from depression and anxiety, whereas there are many different avenues you could seek assistance. This article will discuss some of the practical guides for international students. 

Regardless of what you are pursuing, improving your essay writing skills will increase the chances of scoring excellent academic grades. In addition, your writing skills may increase your chances of securing a well-paying internship position. If you enjoy the entire writing process, you could also open a website where you could offer writing assistance to your colleagues. Keep reading this article to learn how international students can enjoy the essay writing process and deliver top-notch papers that will guarantee them impressive grades. 

Always start by creating an outline

As an international student, the beauty of having an outline is that it will assist you in planning your main points and presenting your ideas in an organized manner. According to researchers, students should always develop the habit of working with an outline whenever they complete their academic papers. In addition, regardless of the format of your essays, having an outline will always lead to successful writing since you will have a clear picture of how you would want your paper to look. Sometimes, you could share your outline with the lecturer and request them to give you feedback before you begin writing your essay. 

Ensure your paper has these four elements

When writing an academic paper, you should always ensure that the introduction has a thesis statement, the body paragraphs have topic sentences and supporting paragraphs, and the conclusion reinstates the main argument. In addition, your paper should be divided into the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. 

Perform in-depth research

Generally, it would be best if you never forgot that completing academic papers requires the students to perform in-depth research. You should also develop the habit of brainstorming your academic paper`s ideas and focusing on the existing literature on your selected topic. The beauty of organizing your thoughts and ideas is that it will aid you in organizing them and ultimately planning the arguments for your research paper. After brainstorming, the next thing would be diving into research. You must review the existing literature and find supporting points. 

Always avoid plagiarism

Incidents of plagiarism have numerous devastating effects. Hence, you must avoid submitting plagiarized content. It would be best if you always paraphrased your points, especially if they are borrowed from another author. Plagiarism is a big offence in almost all learning institutions, and if you are caught with plagiarized papers, you might be expelled or suspended. It would not hurt you to give due credit to the authors of the source you retrieved information.

Always create a thesis statement

Once you complete your research, you should formulate the thesis statement for your paper. A thesis statement is significant since it introduces your main argument to the audience. In addition, it provides a roadmap that will support your points. A good thesis statement should provide an interpretation of your main idea, convey the central points, and make the readers want to read more. If you have difficulty writing your thesis statement, you can always request help from Peachy Essay as they are providing the best thesis writing services.

Create your introduction paragraph

The introduction paragraph provides the reader with an overview of what you will write in your essay. It would be best to be cautious when writing the introduction since it could determine whether a person will read your content. You will want to create an excellent first impression for your readers. The introduction should capture your audience`s concentration and make them gain interest in your content. In addition, you might consider starting your introduction with an interesting quote, a relatable scenario, an unexpected fact, a statistic, or anything else interesting. You should ensure that your introduction has a thesis statement. 

Write your body paragraphs

A topic sentence is the first sentence in a paragraph. The ideas presented in the body paragraphs should support your thesis statement. Your primary objective is to present the thesis statement of your research paper using an easy-to-understand method. While writing the body paragraph, you could consider starting with a definition and proceeding to give the details.  

Body paragraphs

The body of your Essay will have multiple sections which break down your central argument with supporting evidence. Your goal is to present your thesis and research in a way that is easy to understand while also covering critical information. It would be best to concentrate on the main idea and avoid generalizing information. You should ensure that your paragraphs transition naturally since it will make understanding your paper`s main objectives easier. 

Write your conclusion

Every academic paper should have a conclusion where the writer reinstates the thesis statement. It would be best if you avoid including new information in the conclusion. You should make your conclusion as short as possible and head straight to the main point. 

Completing academic papers should not be difficult. Provided international student is willing to learn from the right people and places, they will improve their essay writing skills. Most importantly, a person should strive to learn the basics before proceeding to other parts of the essay. 

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