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A Guide to The Different Types Of Blankets

There are different types of blankets. Blankets can be used for many purposes ranging from protecting your baby to keeping you warm during cold seasons. There is a great variety of baby blankets available for sale at online stores. Whether you’re looking for something fancy or something plain and simple, here are a few of them.

Kids’ Fleece Blanket

Kids’ fleece blankets are one of the oldest types of fleece blankets. A kid’s blanket usually comes in two types – a top and bottom. The blanket top is usually a polyester/cotton blend, while the bottom is either cotton or flannel. The material used for making fleece blankets used to be silk but is now replaced by polyester. Kids’ fleece blankets are made using pure fleece, which makes them one of the softer types of blankets. The softness of this blanket is mostly determined by the material used on the surface and the inner padding.

Fleece blankets made for babies are known as bibs and are made of long wool threads. These blankets protect the baby’s delicate skin and prevent allergies. Babies love wearing afghans and other baby blankets. An afghan is a blanket that is knitted with four double knitting needles. The knitting process creates a ball of thick wool, which is very warm. Different colors of afghans are available in local stores.

Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are used as bedding items. They can be compared to duvets and comforters. Duvets and comforters are large rectangular-shaped pieces of cloth that serve as covers for the bed. The size of a throw blanket is mostly based on the size of the person using it. Long Throw Blankets are usually used by adults as bed covers to protect the mattress. Smaller-sized throw blankets are better for children. Similar to throwing blankets, you can get yourself a pillow and pillowcases. Throw pillowcases are meant to protect the pillow from sagging and can be used on any pillows as well.

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A winter bed covering called a duvet or a blanket comforter has two layers. A base sheet and fill material or cover are placed inside the comforters. The first layer is usually made of duck or sheep’s hair, flannel, or synthetic fiber. There are several styles available in the market today.

Duvet Blanket

The duvet coverlet or blanket forms an important part of a bed cover. It is a type of cover that traps body heat and helps in keeping a bed warm. Duvets and comforters are layered on top of a fitted sheet. A duvet coverlet is a specially designed piece of cloth, which provides warmth and a snug fit to the head, neck, and underarms.

Polyester Blanket

Polyester blankets are lightweight and have excellent thermal qualities. They can be used both in hot and cold weather conditions. Most polyester blankets or fleece blankets are breathable. Breathable fabrics do not trap body heat, thereby allowing the same room temperature to be maintained even in the colder months. The polyester manufacturing process leaves the dyed fiber fibers, looking smooth and shiny.

Cotton Blanket

Cotton blanket types are quite popular since they are soft, lightweight, and have a lot of springiness to them. They are also a good choice for those who are sensitive to synthetic fibers. A cotton comforter can get very dirty easily, especially if it gets wet through usage, thus care should be taken to keep them clean and should be taken out from the bedding regularly.

Electric Blanket

Another range of products available is electric blankets. These types of products are a bit pricier than other types of blankets due to their special features and the materials used. Electric blankets are made from either polyester or nylon with an electrical heating element. Different blanket material types are used for these blankets, depending upon the price and the type of functionality that one requires.

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Microfiber Blanket

A microfiber blanket is said to be the best kind of electric blanket that you could buy. This is because not only do they cost less than other types of blankets, but they also tend to last longer. They are very easy to keep clean. If you are looking for something that can help you get cozy when you are in a cold room, then the microfiber blanket is a top pick. As well as being extremely warm, it is also nontoxic.


Quilts and other types of bedding are designed with specific purposes in mind. There’s no single best choice. In addition to there being several different types of blankets, also there are different blanket material types used. From synthetic fiber blankets to natural fibers.

A common type of bedding is a quilt made with a blend of polyester and acrylic fibers. Although commonly thought of as a throw, these bedding items are more comfortable than the traditional microfiber blankets. Microfiber is a blanket style made with microscopic spools of fibers. These fibers are made up of tiny plastic pellets. When wet, they swell and become an extremely soft and warm type of blanket fabric.


Swaddling is another common option for blankets. It is usually used as a warm alternative to a baby blanket. You wrap the child in a blanket that has been fitted with an elastic band or another form of closure. This allows you to easily move the child and is also a very secure way to keep your baby warm.


All in all the decision comes down to what your preference is. If warmth and coziness are important and all you care about is getting a blanket that will last, then the synthetics are certainly the best option. If you are looking for a durable blanket that will keep you warm, then the woolen varieties are your best choice if you want to get a higher-end product at a reasonable price.

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A good idea to make the decision a little easier is to decide how long you are going to be using it and what the climate is where you live. The downside of linen blankets is that they tend to get soiled faster and need to be washed more frequently. This can be a problem in areas where it gets really cold. If you live in a warm climate, then you will not mind so much washing them as you will not be wearing the garment in most seasons.

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