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A Guide to Instagram Hashtags in 2021


A hashtag, seen as a pound symbol (#), is either a keyword or a set of keywords with a pound sign before it. When hashtags are used on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others, it becomes a link that presents whatever content is tagged with the hashtag. 

Concerning Instagram, hashtags are not only added to posts. It also allows one to follow hashtags to find other content that is related to their specific interests. They are an effective means of discovering fresh content that is interesting and provides opportunities to show content to users who will enjoy it.  They are also useful in grouping content together, which means that any business with a particular campaign can utilize a hashtag to incorporate all of their related posts. The process is quite simple. A hashtag or pound sign is typed in, and a keyword or set of keywords follows right after, minus any spaces. More popular hashtags come up while typing, together with how many posts use that hashtag. To use any, tapping on the hashtag will add it to the post.

Hashtags are essential in Instagram marketing strategies. In fact, posts on Instagram that have hashtags enjoy a higher percentage of engagement from Instagram users rather than those without them. Social media users benefit from hashtags because it helps them organize and classify content. Website owners and professionals from a reputable Minneapolis social media agency concur that hashtags are some of the more powerful elements that make a marketing campaign successful. When planned out carefully, hashtags offer numerous benefits, from getting content out to a larger audience, boosting SEO, increasing brand awareness, or targeting a specific audience. Thus, hashtags are responsible for making a company’s Instagram content easily found.

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Things to keep in mind about Instagram hashtags

  • Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post. But while this number of hashtags is allowed, it is questionable whether it is appropriate. For some, a post containing this number of tags appears spammy. Nevertheless, studies show that using more than 11 hashtags on a post engages more people. It is always best to test the waters and see what is the most effective.
  • Hashtags are allowed to be used anywhere on Instagram. They may be added to posts or the profile bio. They are also used in Instagram stories so they can have a wider reach.
  • Some add hashtags to the descriptions of their posts. One advantage that this particular method offers is that it can be edited to remove them, or add newer ones. Others opt to include hashtags on comments. These two methods work well, but just the same, experimenting is the best alternative to determine what is a better way for a specific Instagram post.
  • There is also such a thing as a banned hashtag. This term refers to hashtags banned by Instagram for a few reasons. They may have been reported as spam or have violated the community guidelines laid out by Instagram. When a hashtag is banned, Instagram users will no longer see it. The consequence of using these hashtags is a decrease in reaching out to a much wider audience and an impact on post engagement. The account may also be shadowbanned, which means that any of the latest posts will only be visible to the account’s followers. A banned hashtag is indicated by a note on search results.
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Here are some useful tips to take full advantage of Instagram hashtags in 2021: 

Research on hashtags

Apart from research on how not to use banned hashtags, it is also best to research new ones. One way of doing this is to look for authorities in the same industry and find out what their hashtags are. It is also a good idea to see the hashtags of the competition. One can also discover excellent hashtags that enjoy the most engagement by following hashtags that are either similar or related to their industry and correspond with the people behind the posts to find out what hashtags bring in the most engagement. Study posts that use the same hashtags and find out what else are added to these posts.

Focus on the targeted audience

If a brand decided to use hashtags, it must first focus on its targeted audience. While hashtags can immediately reach a significant amount of people and gain likes, it is essential to remain consistent to capture a targeted audience. To gain an audience following, the hashtag strategy of a good Minneapolis social media agency is directly related to the interest of the targeted audience and the brand that is being offered.

Combine long-tail hashtags with popular ones

By utilizing popular hashtags, it is most likely to see more likes after the post is published. The problem here is that because of their popularity, they are easily forgotten since a lot more Instagram content uses the same one. For this reason, it is best to combine long-tail hashtags with popular ones. While long-tail hashtags may not have as much following as popular hashtags, they are more often directed to a specific and dedicated audience. Additionally, there is more likelihood of being visible for a lengthier period of time, since there will be a lot less content posted using the long-tail keyword. 

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Use them to establish relationships

Hashtags can also be utilized to establish connections and relationships with others in the same niche. By staying abreast with the most popular hashtags on Instagram, there are more opportunities to come across new associates and engage people who are interested in the brand. An Instagram campaign using a hashtag is also a means to form a partnership with a similar brand, which can increase exposure coming from the partner that posts about the brand to its audience.

Instagram hashtags may not appear to be a priority for many, but they are vital in promoting products on Instagram and building up a significant number of followers on this social media platform. They offer many benefits to any business that uses Instagram for marketing purposes. Developing an Instagram hashtag marketing campaign on 2021 with the help of professionals from a reputable Minneapolis social media agency is an excellent move to increase the awareness of a brand and help it succeed.

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