A Basic Guide on How to Use a GMT Watch Function

The original GMT master was released in 1954 when Pan American Airlines consulted Rolex for a solution of traveling to different time zones and needing to keep track of local time. The boom of commercial air travel brought the need for quickly knowing the time across all 24 time zones, so the GMT was born. Greenwich Mean Time has been the standard around the world, which uses the time in London Greenwich. The standard for GMT is necessary for sailors and pilots, however, with the use of smartphones, the GMT function can seem somewhat unnecessary. But watch enthusiasts and those who prefer to know the different time zones in a flick of their wrist would disagree. Once you know how to use GMT, it can serve as a great alternative that gives you information even when your smartphone is out. If you are curious how a GMT works, or planning to buy one then below is a guide on how to use this watch function.

How the GMT Watch Functions

The Rolex GMT Master II is one of the hottest GMT watches, so for this guide, we need to refer to a GMT watch model that was tried and tested in its functionality and quality. To give you background on this model, the Rolex GMT Master II was first released in 1983 and replaced the original GMT Master. This was the first Rolex model with an independent 24-hour hand that allows you to keep accurate time while setting the hour hand and is not a benchmark for an authentic watch model. The benefit of having this complication is the ability to jump the hour hand while still keeping the time. With the crown in the second position, the hour hand can move independently from the hand. For an ordinary watch with no GMT function, its dial will have three hands to indicate the hour, the minute, and count the seconds. But with a GMT watch, you will have an additional hour hand that is different, and in the case of the GMT Master II, the red hour hand. Something perfect and convenient for travelers who regularly switch between time zones.

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How to Monitor Two different Time Zones

To measure two time zones, you will have to set the local hand to the local time based on the 24-hour scale. Then set the hour hand you need to put the GMT Master II in its third crown position. To set the hour hand to the current time zone you’re in, you need to activate the crown’s second position. After which, you use the rotating bezel to represent your second-time zone. For example, you are in Atlanta, and it is 5 PM but you want to keep track of your time back at home, in San Francisco, where it’s 2 PM. You need to rotate the bezel clockwise to lose 3 hours. So to decrease the hour time, rotate it to the counterclockwise direction, and to increase the hour time, rotate the bezel clockwise. The hand will show the 24-hour time scale of San Francisco, pointing to 14, which represents 2 PM.

How to View 3 Separate Time Zones

To view three separate time zones, first set the GMT hand to Greenwich Mean Time and then have the hour hand to be set to the local time. For example, the Greenwich Mean Time is at 22 hours, which represents 10 PM, set it to 10 PM. Then set the local time in Atlanta by the other hour hand to 5 PM. To set the third time zone which is your home time in San Francisco you need to rotate the bezel 8 clicks to 2 PM/ 2 PM since San Francisco or Pacific Standard Time is 8 hours behind GMT. To recap, you have a local time Atlanta) which is 5 PM, The GMT is at 22: 00 or 10 PM, and with the bezel you have your time back in San Francisco at 14:00 or 2 PM, giving you three separate time zones in a glance. It’s also worth noting that during daylight savings, you will account for the one-hour difference.

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Another cool feature of the hand is the ability to act as a compass. However, this only works if both the hour hand and the hand are set to local time and if you’re in the northern hemisphere. If that is your case, then you lay the watch flat and point the hour hand towards the sun, and the GMT hand will now point to the North.

Where to Buy a Rolex Master GMT II

This type of watch may seem antique to some, but without its invention pilots and seafarers back then wouldn’t be able to monitor different time zones. The GMT Watch function creates a convenient way to tell the time for any traveler. It serves as a watch with various benefits that equates to a tool. If you like to use this watch function to your advantage or you’re wondering where to buy an authentic piece, we recommend you visit Watch Shopping. They are an authorized dealer of luxury watches that scout around the globe for quality wristwatches offered at a lower price. They offer Rolex and other reputable luxury brands that have a GMT function. If you’re new to the watch world their positively rated customer support can assist you in finding the potential wristwatch that would match your preference and style, and guide you to the different complications of watch mechanisms. They also have in-house watch experts to check every timepiece before they get shipped for delivery. Every watch purchase from shopping also includes the original warranty card from the manufacturer making sure that their products are genuine and quality.

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In Conclusion

With the use of technology, GMT watches could appear to some as an inconvenient way to keep track of different time zones, but until today these wristwatches are still being produced and utilized by many, which proves that having a GMT watch truly is a cool and efficient way to get information. If you plan to buy a GMT someday don’t forget to visit Watch Shopping to guarantee yourself with authentic wristwatch purchase.

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