9 Vital Tips on How to Monetize Your Digital Assets

People are using the Internet more than ever before, and one of the most popular ways they can obtain information is through social media. With so much information available on the Internet, people turn to social media for what’s happening in their community. People also use social media to connect with brands they love. This includes buying directly from them, sharing products that interest you with friends, following TikTok influencers who share your interests, or just checking out their latest updates. Keep reading to find 9 vital tips on how to monetize your digital assets by sell TikTok Shoutouts!

1) What Is TikTok?

Tik Tok (also known as Dou Yin in China) is a picture and video app where users post short 15 second videos, called ‘Tik Toks.’ The app is mainly used by kids and teens to post funny clips, dance videos, etc. But there are also adults who use the app!

2) How Do People Monetize Their Digital Assets?

People can monetize their digital assets in a few ways. This includes selling shoutouts on TikTok for high-level brands or companies that want to reach younger audiences, promoting products on their story to gain more attention/followers/representing clothing lines through sponsored posts.

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3) Creating A Profile Name That Will Attract More Followers

When you create your profile name on TikTok try to make it catchy or creative! You could get away with using your real name but some people like to add a twist on their name. For example, you could use your first and last name and add some digits onto it (EX: Kyla Smith = kylasmith23), include something that relates to your interests or hobbies (EX: Kyla Loves To Dance – kyla_loves_to_dance), turn an adjective into a catchy noun (EX: Kyla TheKween – kythekwen)

4) Mixed Makeup Tutorials & More Will Attract New Followers

People love beauty/makeup tutorials, especially if they are mixed! People also enjoy things surrounding fashion, DIY’s, crafts, cooking, lifestyle videos, etc. Anything creative will attract new followers!

5) What Are Highlights?

Highlights are bits of your videos that you can edit into your story for 24 hours. You can choose to share 15-second clips or sometimes 30 seconds max (depending on the number of views). People will follow you if they like what they see in your Highlights!

6) Promoting Products On The Story Will Enhance Engagement

People love seeing promotions on stories! It’s a good way to reach people who wouldn’t typically see them through their feed. The more creative, the better! Or even just fun promos for products/brands that relate to whatever video you’re watching will be well received by an audience. Like using emojis to promote a clothing brand, pairing it with a funny moment in the video, etc.

7) Go Live On TikTok To Increase Engagement

People love live videos! They are real, raw, and engaging to watch. It’s a great place for people to connect with others who have similar interests. Not only that but it is an opportunity for brands/companies to cross-promote their social media platforms by hosting giveaways on the story or sending free items for reviews!

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8) Sell Shoutouts On Your Profile For More Attention & Profit!

There are so many ways your followers can support you – selling them shoutouts on your profile is one of them. Companies out there looking to expand their brand are more likely to invest money into promoting themselves via paying creators with larger audiences to promote their products/brands. As a result, they will pay the creator X amount of dollars for them to create and post a TikTok shoutout (15-30 seconds video) on their profile promoting whatever they want!

9) Tips To Monetize Your Digital Assets On TikTok:

Try new ideas and styles with your content. If you start doing well with one style – try something else that can improve your audience even more! This includes going live more often (even if it’s just once per week), hosting giveaways on stories, having fun contests with larger prizes, etc. Join our community by joining our FB group, Monetize Your Digital Assets Fan Page, or join us on Instagram! For more tips, check out our Monetize Your Digital Assets blog post!

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