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9 Things You Must Remember for Outdoor Lighting

By the sound of it, you might think that the purpose of outdoor lighting is to illuminate an open landscape. However, if done properly and professionally, you can do much more than that. Outdoor lighting is a technical job that should be carried out by lighting designers and professionals because it can add to the ambiance and overall vibe of a place. They can be used to focus on a particular feature. They can be used to add texture to the outdoor and much more. In this blog, we have discussed nine things you must remember while outdoor outlets and outdoor lighting installation in San Francisco because outdoor lighting is not about pointing lights on sidewalks and trees. Instead, you can use different shades and types of lights to add depth, effect, and mood to a place.

1. Different Layers of Lights

A flat lighting system for the outdoors makes your beautiful outdoor look bland and dull. You can use different layers of lights for a more balanced appearance. For example, you can enhance your garden’s appearance by using spotlights at different angles to make a particular feature more prominent. This is something you can’t realize through theory. Only a visual depiction of different of layers lights can give a fair idea of how lights at different angles can add to the appearance of a place.

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While you use spotlights at different angles, make sure not to overdo them because it might take away the whole essence of outdoor lighting. A lighting designer or professional can suggest the type and number of lights you should use for your outdoor.

2. Use Warm Lights or yellow light

The color of lighting outdoor makes a huge difference. Using yellow lights or warm-colored lights will add to the ambiance and vibe outdoor. Instead, the cooler-colored outdoor lighting can make the overall place look dull and bland. We highly suggest using warm lights between 2700K and 3000K as they bring more life and vibrancy to a landscape.

3. LED Lights are a practical solution

LED lights are a popular type of lighting. Their popularity is increasing day by day because of various reasons. They consume less voltage, resultantly help you save on electricity bills. They have greater flexibility to electricity fluctuations which means they do not fuse because of a dim power supply or over the power supply. Moreover, LED lights produce less heat as compared to incandescent bulbs. These days LED lights are available in a wide range of colors, brightnesses, textures, temperatures, and shapes. Instead of regular incandescent bulbs, use LED lights to be kinder to your electricity bill, energy consumption, and environmental safety.

4. Add more value by using a variety of outdoor Lighting

Using one type of light across your outdoor will make it look flat and bland. You can add more richness and depth by using a variety of lighting. This variety can be in terms of variety of colors, texture, temperature, and effects. The easiest thing you can do to enrich the outdoor lighting is to use different brightness levels. It will create depth as well as texture while allowing you to focus on a particular detail. Furthermore, you can use spotlights, lanterns, flickering lights, scones, disco lights, and path lights to create your desired effect.

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5. Moderate Lighting is the key

Outdoor lighting does not mean making it too bright. Instead, it has to be done in moderation. You might think that with more visibility, you can enhance your appearance outdoor. However, it is not true. With too much lighting, you might rather take away the whole essence. You can make the whole landscape more dramatic and romantic by installing outdoor lighting through trees and other features. You might think that dim lights mean installing fewer lights with bright lights. However, we suggest the complete opposite. Install a large number of lights that produce dim light. This way they will cover the whole area outdoor while keeping the light moderate. Few bright lights can illuminate the area dimly, but they might leave some areas uncovered.

6. Downlighting is the best

Pay special attention to the type of lights you use for your outdoor. Although the basic idea is to illuminate the whole area yet there is a lot you can do to make a difference. For example, pathway lights that point upwards make it difficult to navigate. Moreover, installing them in a straight and aligned manner gives a very artificial appearance. Instead, get outdoor lighting installation randomly or staggeringly. This will make the outdoor look more natural. Whereas, downlighting makes the lighting system safer as well as more efficient.

7. Use recessed lights for the staircase

When it comes to the staircase, you can’t adopt the same approach you had for the rest of the settings. Installing pathway lights and upward lights will make the staircase a very tricky and dangerous area because of the shadow it produces. Therefore, recessed or downwards lights are a more appropriate choice for the staircase.

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8. Column lighting

Having columns at your home gives you several options to light them up. Your mood and preference determine the lighting technique for columns. While uplighting is perfect for giving a more dramatic, formal, and polished look; wash lighting a column results in a strong glow appearance with less drama.

Columns can also be illuminated with recessed lights, hidden above each column. The resulting light is soft and romantic. However, if you want to make a bold statement about yourself, you can wrap a string of lights around the corner.

9. Take care of the wires

While you go for a fancy lighting installation for the outdoor, make sure to take care of the wires in your outdoor. You don’t want electrical wires lying around because anyone can trip and hurt himself. Hiding them under the carpet or mulch is also not going to help because this is also a safety hazard. The best approach is to bury them underground so that they are neither a safety hazard nor a cause of accidents.

Final Words:

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