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8 Powerful Examples of Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Since Google has updated its ranking algorithm in 2015, it has heavily favored mobile-friendly websites. The significance of having your website optimized for mobile intensified when Google started indexing mobile sites in March and conducted mobile-first indexing in 2019. Furthermore, more people are using mobile devices than desktops when searching the Internet for information. 

Google is expected to continue taking the standard mobile-friendliness up to a notch in the following years. This only signifies that website operators should start focusing on improving your mobile experience or see your search engine ranking fall off. Whether you are a professional appliance repair in Ajax or a dog walker in Etobicoke looking to spruce up your website, you can get inspiration from these powerful mobile-friendly website designs. 


Shutterfly is an online service that welcomes users to create and design photo books, personalized stationery, cards, and other similar products. With more people using their smartphones to take photos and access the website, Shutterfly has quickly realized the importance of ensuring a positive mobile experience for its target audience. 

The mobile-optimized website of Shutterfly exudes easy navigation, beautiful visuals, and intuitiveness for both new visitors and existing customers. When you visit their mobile-optimized website, you will immediately notice their latest promotion and a finger-sized top navigation menu. Scrolling down, it has large buttons which help visitors to easily and quickly choose their desired products. After clicking through your chosen item, you will be greeted with large-sized images showcasing Shutterfly’s capability for easy browsing. 

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Shopify offers a great user experience across different devices. The only difference between desktop and mobile devices is its call-to-action button and illustration. The call-to-action button on personal computers can be seen on the right side of the form field, while on mobile devices, it can be found beneath. The same goes for the illustrations. Its menu can be changed by a hamburger icon on handheld devices, like other websites. Even if Shopify is using image carousels, the website’s loading speed is pretty impressive. 

Google Maps

Google Maps’ mobile website offers the same level of functionality, visuals, and performance as its other mobile app counterparts. Its appearance, loading speed, and functionality are practically identical to others. 


Etsy is an online shopping website that sells and buys vintage or handmade items. Whether potential customers search for specific items or browse products in categories, Etsy will provide them with options to search for specific products, shops, or categories. Also, thumbnail images of trending products are featured just below the search bar. While you can easily explore these trending items in a collage format, the designer of the website ensures that the images are large enough to be tapped with the finger. 


People is a well-known news company that offers a good source of entertainment in the form of viral content and popular quizzes. Many of their audience uses their mobile devices to access its content, so BuzzFeed took the step, so BuzzFeed ensured the mobile-friendliness of their website for a positive user experience. When you visit BuzzFeed using your smartphone, you will immediately see the trending pieces of content displayed in a simple, collage-like format using large images for easy tapping. It also has a menu located on the top where users can search for content in different categories with their own directory page with clickable filters.

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This application allows its users to store and access images, notes, and web articles on different devices. Like its desktop version, the mobile-optimized Evernote website has a distinct conversion path and clean design to let its visitors know its purpose and how you can sign up. Its clean and simple design helps the target audience to focus on the value of the app, as well as highlight the “Sign up for free” call-to-action button. 

Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is a popular news outlet that publishes content from politics and current events to entertainment and technology. Its mobile version condenses the content to fit the screen dimensions of mobile devices. Unlike its desktop version, the mobile website’s homepage has fewer words and its headlines are shorter and easily digested. You can also find a clickable menu found on the top left-hand corner of the screen.


Slack’s brand is popular for its simple and human design; that is why the website follows the same guidelines. It has a flexible grid designed to effectively adjust to viewports of different sizes and shapes. For instance, desktops and laptops may present a logo in a 3-column layout, but mobile devices display the logo in a single-column layout. Furthermore, its design ensures ease of use. For instance, its call-to-action button is strategically stretched over on the entire column of the tablet and mobile screen to help users avoid clicking the Sign In hyperlink below.

While there are themes and templates you can use to optimize your website for mobile-friendliness, seeking website design services in Toronto is one of the best things you can do for your business. It not only ensures the mobile-friendliness of your website but also defines your brand personality and shows the authenticity and professionalism of your business. 

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