7 tips to keep mouth health up to day during summer

When summer approaches, it is very common to read a series of texts about the importance of skin care during the hottest season of the year. In this blog you will find 7 tips to keep your mouth’s health up to day during the summer!

Use of sunscreen, schedules to avoid because of the sun and a number of other recommendations, in fact are fundamental for everyone. But did you know that your smile also deserves special attention at this time? Come to think of it,

Summer + holidays

The arrival of summer coincides with the holidays of most people, especially children and adolescents, who gain more free time to be with friends after studying during the year. In this way, it is natural to relax with the health of the mouth,which can lead to problems.

Below, check out our 7 tips for keeping your mouth’s health up to hand during the summer:

  1. Attention to citrus foods : intheheat, it is impossible to resist a cold orange juice, to stay only in one example. Although fruit consumption is highly recommended for the body, with some even having cleaning properties for teeth, such as strawberry, citrus has corrosive action, causing stains and sensitivity in teeth. Therefore, after enjoying its juice a lot, it is recommended to make a simple mouthwash with a little water.
  2. Go slow with beer:it favors the appearance of biofilm on the tongue, which is one of the causes of bad breath, in addition to lesions that can lead to oral cancer. Another important point is that alcoholic beverages decrease the body’s saliva production, which increases the risk of caries and periodontitis.
  3.  Use lip balm:. A lot of people take care of the face and the rest of the body, but end up forgetting their mouths. Its use also helps in the protection of oral cancer. There are several brands available.
  4. Are you going on a trip? Don’t forget your oral hygiene kit: anything fairer than enjoying a beautiful trip during the holidays, but it’s essential to ensure a kit to brush your teeth between a ride and another! Many pharmacies and supermarkets already sell the main oral hygiene items (brush, paste, and floss) together, in compact packaging.
  5. Attention to children: those who have small children at home, know that the vacation is synonymous with a lot of running and play, which can sometimes cause some accidents, with some falls that can lead to dental problems. Orient the little girl!
  6. Beware of very sugary foods: delights such as ice cream and acai berry are widely consumed at this time of year. Sugar stimulates the production of bacteria that cause caries.
  7. Consult your dentist: nothing better than enjoying the holidays with tranquility, isn’t it? So our final tip is simple: check-up at your dentist. It will analyze your mouth, alert and treat any possible problem, so you can have deserved rest days without headaches!
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Now that you have our 7 tips to keep your mouth’s health up to date, enjoy the season with great health and joy!

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