7 Most Popular Causes of Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is the most menacing disease worldwide, varying in its causes from genetics to obesity. So, you should deal with diabetes just thinking that, 

Diabetes is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. But, it’s your choice to scream or enjoy the ride.

It depends on us how we treat a disease together with the patient. Diabetes is not all about avoiding sugar and bakery items. It has many other appalling causes. I came to know about these startling causes when I was working with the best diabetes doctor a few months back. In this volunteer workshop, all the doctors educated the patients, their families, interns, and the attendants in the hospital. They guided all of us regarding the prevention of Diabetes.

After the workshop, my information about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of diabetes was upskilled. Let’s get into some common facts about the disease preceding the causes.

Beguiling History of Diabetes:

Diabetes has proven to be the most immensely spreading disease during the past few years. It happens due to the decrease in insulin release by the pancreas. As a result, blood sugar level rises causing Diabetes Mellitus.

  • The first-ever diabetic patient was diagnosed about 5 centuries ago, in 1552.
  • Its name had “Mellitus” in it due to the fruity smell of the urine.
  • In the United States, it is the 7th leading cause of death and it might be underreported.
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7 Popular Causes of Diabetes

Attending this informative workshop at the capital international hospital helped me a lot in taking care of the diabetic patients around me. I would love to share the causes of diabetes except for sugary foods. The most popular causes among those are:

  • Obesity 

When a person becomes overweight, the fat around his body increases. The increase in fatty acids and puffiness causes the rebuke of insulin from the pancreas. About 90% of diabetes type II patients are facing obesity.

  • Heritage

Most of the cases of Type II Diabetes are due to genetic mutations. The complete genomic information of a family and its medical history assists in detecting diabetes. Any person in a family having diabetes is a major risk factor for the other family members to become diabetic.

  • Cardiovascular diseases

Due to the increase in sugar level, the blood vessels and nerves are vulnerable to be damaged easily. This situation increases the risk of heart diseases like heart attack, arrhythmia, heart failure, and stroke. Most of the time, obesity and high blood pressure also leads to different heart diseases. 

  • Placental glucose

Glucose is released from the formed placenta of the mother during pregnancy. In most cases, this abundance of glucose is regulated by insulin release. If the pancreas couldn’t provide enough insulin, then it causes an increase in glucose level naming the condition as Gestational Diabetes.

  • Less physical activity

Laying in bed the whole day makes you lazy and drowsy. Physical inactivity is a primary cause of being obese. And then obesity will lead to diabetes. Furthermore, an active person owns a healthy immune system that fights well. We should just stick to a quote of Gene Tunney,

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To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.

  • Effect of Age

Type II Diabetes is more related to age than type I. At any age, even in childhood, you can be a sufferer of diabetes. But, in most cases, older adults are more prone to it. It is menacing to adults who are more than 45 years old.

  • Environmental Factors 

Not all the burden should be on genes and sugar. There are countable environmental factors that can aggravate the diabetic cause. 

  • Pollution in our air, soil, and water
  • Neglecting stress management
  • Intake of unhealthy food
  • Deficiency of Vitamin-D  
  • An infection caused by enterovirus 
  • The smoke of vehicles and cigarettes


Diabetes is a common disease yet it is one of the most serious ones. There are various other factors like high blood pressure, high levels of Cholesterol, and some viruses. This severe disease can be prevented by taking effective precautionary measures, maintaining a healthy diet, and monitoring the sugar level regularly. Additionally, anyone diagnosed with diabetes should stay positive and live his best life remembering the quote,

“I’m not ill, my pancreas is just lazy.”

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