7 Effective Tips to Regulate your Bowel Movements

Constipation, who among us has not suffered from this?

These are probably one of the most common conditions one goes through. No matter what age you are at. However, suffering from these problems can sometimes be scary and painful. Well for this very reason, we know that a normal bowel movement is crucial for your overall health. 

Some people find it more difficult to pass the stool than others. This can be due to their dietary choices or lifestyle practices. Sometimes the problem with a bowel movement can be due to some underlying medical problem or due to the side effect of certain medication. 

No matter what causes you the problem, constipation can be difficult to deal with. Home remedies might help us to deal with the issue but this is not always the case. Sometimes, one may need medical treatment to get rid of the trouble. I remember we took my cousin to Shaikh Zayed Hospital Lahore after she suffered from severe constipation for many days and prescribed her a few medications.

How to Regulate Your Bowel Movements?

But before we move to medications, we need to know that many remedies can be quite helpful in dealing with the problem. If you are looking for ways to regulate your bowel movement, then this article might be the perfect read for you. Here are some of the things you can do to regulate your bowel movement.

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1- Drink more and more water

Water consumption is thought to be directly associated with normal bowel movements.

One fine reason why we suffer from constipation is that the waste material in our body absorbs water which hardens it. It can be really difficult to pass the harder stool.

For this, you need to consume enough water. Drinking more and more water helps to facilitate bowel movement through your digestive system. So, yes, drink plain water in the morning and keep drinking it throughout the day to keep your bowel movements in check.

2- Consume more fibre

Just like carbs and protein, fibre serves as an important food component that can help to regulate your bowel movement. We already know fibre is good for our heart health as proven by many scientific pieces of research. The presence of fibre in our diet adds volume to the stool and makes it easier to pass on. You can rely upon raw fruits and vegetables as they contain a good amount of fibre. Other than this, you can also drink ispaghol husk in water or yogurt to support your digestive health. 

3- Keep moving

Just like adding the right ingredient to your diet, it is also important to keep yourself moving. Yes, your body movements are not necessary to keep away the risk of obesity, but it also helps you to ensure regular bowel movement. This supports the natural digestive movements in your body. No matter what kind of physical activity you prefer, it can help you to get rid of the problem of constipation. You can begin with simple walking and then gradually move to other types of exercises. 

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4- Work on your posture

You might not believe it, but the way you sit on your toilet seat plays a huge role in regulating your bowel movements. You can change the angle of your legs to change the angle of your colon. Adjusting your posture while sitting on the toilet seat can help you to have better stool movement. You can also use bathroom footstools to maintain the right posture that will help you poop easily.

5- Take Laxative Supplements

Another tip that can help you to get rid of poor bowel movements is probably the use of laxatives. Laxatives can be available in any form. There are different types of laxatives as well. These laxatives work by squeezing your intestine to forcefully induce health bowel movement. Other than this, there are osmotic laxatives that move the fluids through the colon. No matter what type of laxative you go with, make sure to consult your physicians.

6- Colon massage might help you

The next thing you can do to support your bowel movements is to try a colon massage. This relaxes your colon muscles ultimately helping to support the movement of the bowel. A colon massage is only helpful when the cause of constipation is slowed down bowel movements. 

7- Home remedies are there for you

If none of this works well for you, then you need to know that herbal teas pr qehwas might be there for you. Adding one tablespoon of olive oil to warm milk and drinking it just before going to bed is a proven remedy to help you relieve constipation.

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Bottom Line!

All these remedies can help you to get rid of constipation and regulate your bowel movements, But it is important to know that sometimes there can be underlying medical causes behind constipation. So, here consulting your physician can help you. 

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