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6 Things You Need to Do When Planning a Garden

If you are blessed with a garden on your property, this time of year is the best chance you’ll get to plan and work on it for a good long while.

In order for your garden to be a success, there are many tasks that must be completed before the weather turns bitter and cold.

What Kind of Garden do you want?

Gardens have changed rapidly over the past few decades.

Where once a garden was purely a work area for vegetable production, today’s gardens need to be multi-zoned areas for growing, working, and playing.

Here are a few things you should consider when planning your garden design.

1. Figure Out the Purpose of your Garden

You’ll want to decide what your main focus will be in your garden this year. Your options include fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, or anything else that sparks your interest.

Consider the size of the area you have available for planting – tiny or shaded might mean a container garden is the better option.

Huge or unshaded might mean more ambitious gardens where more species of plant life will be best suited.

2. Consider Your Climate and Sunlight

You’ll want to decide where you’ll want to grow each type of plant.

Some plants, such as some of the big leafy greens need 10 hours of sunlight a day in order to grow properly.

Others, like lettuce and spinach, will grow just fine in more indirect light. Make sure that your garden layout takes into account how much sun each area will actually receive.

3. Know Your Garden Site and Soil

You’ll want to know what kinds of plants will do best with the soil you’ve got on your property.

Also, factors such as exposure and slope or grade are something you will need to take into consideration when planning your garden layout.

4. Decide Who Will Use The Garden

Working from home has become quite popular over the last few years and investing in a garden room for someone working is a great idea and could boost your property value. Check out Garden Rooms UK for some ideas.

If putting in a garden room isn’t on your plans, what about a hot tub or an orchard? There are lots of options!

5. Decide on Materials and Design

There are so many wonderful things that can be done to enhance a garden in a very short amount of time. A big investment (in time, not money) can result in a backyard oasis with terraces, stone walls, benches and water features.

These materials can be purchased or made by the builder to make a great statement for your outdoor space. Even if you don’t have the money for such extravagant features, there are still plenty of other ways to add interest and color to a garden without breaking the bank.

6. Think About Security

Back in the day, many people worked from home and weren’t worried about their homes being robbed.

But nowadays, most of us are more aware of our surroundings and would want to make a safe haven for ourselves.

Put in a good burglar alarm system as well as well-lit backyards for added safety measures.

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